Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am in bed, but I need to get up now. In the monitor, Micah is singing to me. The words are, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Ma-ma..." etc. The tune, Jingle Bells. Oh, now it's "Today is the day, Oh oh-wa, oh oh-wa". He loves to sing. Though it is Saturday, I am somewhat reluctant to face the day. Mike has been gone since well before the crack of dawn and I don't really know when to expect him back. He is helping his brother for the day, who is building a house. I haven't seen much of Mike lately. Monday evening I went riding. Tuesday evening, he watched a hockey game while I did some writing in our room. Wednesday evening he went golfing. Thursday evening he had an open house at his school to meet the parents, and last night, I went riding again.

Yes, I went riding last night with both of my sisters, and it was so much fun. Fall is the very best time for riding because the weather is so nice and the bugs are not bad and the fields are cut so there are many places to ride. I am hoping to go again early next week, but I will make those arrangements when I can.

My older two boys are absolutely silent, which leads me to believe they have either stolen some kind of forbidden food and are eating it somewhere sneaky, or they have left the building. Yes, they may have gone outside. I know they are awake because I heard them earlier. Maybe they got the TV figured out. That is also a possibility, though it is less likely than the other two scenarios. So, I have to get out of my cozy bed and deal with whatever the day has for me. Hopefully it will be a positive one. At least Micah is in a good mood, but then, Micah is nearly always in a good mood. I'm off for now.

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