Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello, again.

Whew! I have been very absent from this blog lately, probably because I have spent every spare moment working on my book. Today, I am uninspired. My pattern, when doing anything creative, is to start off liking it, and then at some point feel like I have ruined it, or it is complete crap, and then I ignore it for a long time. I was always that way with drawing, which I don't seen to do anymore. Now, it seems I'm following my pattern with writing. So I figured maybe it was time to take a break and I'll come back to it refreshed, if possible.

Today is a quiet day. Cody is at school so I just have the dynamic duo here. I got a call at lunch from Cody's teacher. When she identified herself, I was very nervous because I thought maybe Cody was sick and needed me to pick him up or something. Well, I have no vehicle today because Mike seems to have run over a nail or something and his tire is losing air, so he took the van today. So I am stuck here. Anyway, it turns out she was just calling me because Cody was running in gym class and his glasses somehow flew off. He was unable to stop quickly so he ran them over and bent them to smithereens. (Wow. I have used that word many times in my life but never have I actually typed or written it. I had to google it to see how it was spelled.) Anyway, the glasses should be okay. I have a spare pair that are identical in my drawer, hidden away, so he can put those on this afternoon when he gets home.

Micah is in his room, doing one of his "naps". I have the monitor on in my room, where I am sitting right now, and this is what I'm hearing. "Free...four...fife...eight...nine....BWAH OFFFF!" I guess NASA has their new headquarters in his bedroom.

Jamie is watching a bit of TV right now, a necessity for me so I could shower not long ago. Yay! (I'm going out tonight, so I had to prioritize that today!) When I got out of the shower, I witnessed this rare moment of inter-species harmony in our living room.

Jamie, doing his signature hair twist/thumb suck combo, while Cricket relaxed on his lap for the first time EVER. Well, other than when he was on my lap and she was draped across both of us. 

So our day is quiet and somewhat peaceful. Yesterday I baked buns for the first time in months. I did three pans of white buns and two pans of a dozen each cinnamon buns. I felt fairly accomplished after that. I told Mike that's what happens when I don't do any writing in the day. I asked him if he was sorry he married a writer. Of course he said no. But seriously, I find it's one or the other. I either get a lot of writing done, or I do my house-mom duties. Somehow, I guess I'll have to find a balance. Good thing our horses don't live here now, because that's the other thing I've been doing. Riding. Once a week recently, six times in total now since late August. It has been incredibly enjoyable, and recently I am not nervous to ride at all. But, I'm still riding Indy and not Sasha, so I'm not there yet. Sasha came along last week and Andrea rode her, and this week (Monday) she rode Maybelline, who has only been ridden ten times, ever. I'm loving this gorgeous fall weather we are having here, and I must say, I am finally getting my love of riding back. That makes me happy. Hoping to go at least one more time before the weather gets crappy, which could happen any time now. 

Not an exciting update today, but in the life of this desperate house-mom, no news is often good news. I'll leave you with this picture we took yesterday of all three boys actually looking at the camera and looking pretty happy at that. Hope everyone is having a good week.

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Angie Kroeker said...

Boys look great, and very happy. But of course they have you and Mike as their parents. You guys are Grrreat!!