Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm still here...

I guess I have been absent for a while now. A few days after that last post, our other horse (Mike's), Maybelline colicked, adding yet another vet bill to the stack of stress. She is okay, thankfully, but I could hardly believe that happened so soon after Tabu's ordeal. Tabu is doing well, by the way.

We went to the big city last week on Thursday and stayed overnight. Mike had a work thing and I went along with the boys mainly so I could go and meet a horse there. I don't want to say too much about this situation at the moment, because it is all so uncertain, but I might be getting this horse and doing a bit of a trade for Sasha. If it happens, I will share all the details then. No point explaining it all if I don't even get her. That has been one of the biggest things on my mind in recent days.

I have also been doing some more writing in my book after a two week break, so that is good. I must say though, my boys have been back to their busy and exasperating ways.

Recently, I was hoping for a quiet afternoon as my stomach was not feeling well and I had a headache. When I put Micah to bed, I decided I'd rest for a while too. After all, Cody and Jamie are good at playing together by themselves. So I lay in my bed for a while. I never did sleep, but I had some quiet time and rest. When I came out into the kitchen I got very upset because there was orange juice all over the floor in front of the fridge. Great. They had helped themselves while I was out of sight. I was not happy, so I cleaned it up, muttering to myself about how irritating it is to have stuff like this happen all the time. In truth, it wasn't that big of a mess, but it was very sticky. When it was clean, I went into the living room where they were playing and then my jaw hit the floor. They had drawn all over the carpet in marker. Actually, they drew a highway complete with dotted centre line, along with a lot of other scribbling. I was so furious! I confiscated all of the markers and told them they may not colour anymore, seeing they can't be responsible enough to use them properly. Cody is 5 1/2 for crying out loud!

Yesterday was a bit of a doozy too, but I won't share the details. Let's just say there were a lot of pee and poop incidents that required cleaning of floors and unscheduled baths. Ugh. The highlight of my day yesterday involved Jamie. No sarcasm here, it really was a highlight. Jamie had acquired a paintball from one of his cousins the day before and he wanted to sleep with it that night. I of course refused to let him and I hid it in my room. Yesterday he asked if he could play with it, promising he would "try not to pop it". How reassuring. I said only if he played with it outside. So, he got dressed and I gave him the green paintball, which he gratefully took outside. Not five minutes later he opened the door and came back in. He said, "Radar ate my paintball!" I laughed, which offended him. He insisted it was not funny, and was on the verge of tears. What a dumb dog! Haha. So Radar solved my paintball dilemma, as Jamie was sure to burst it open on something.

This morning they have already dumped a whole bag of colourful and tiny candy coated chocolate balls on the floor. I got them at the bulk barn some time last year, thinking they'd be a fun way to decorate the boys' birthday cakes...etc. Well, no more. I spent some time sweeping hundreds of these balls in the kitchen toward our central vac "dustpan". It was a little bit like playing pinball. I'd sweep them towards it, and some would get sucked in, but others would bounce back and roll across the floor again. Their room is full of them too. How wonderful. So I begin my day in a state of irritation, which is not altogether unusual around here. Micah so far has not even let me change his diaper this morning, nor has he had breakfast. And neither have I, for that matter, though I have been awake for nearly three hours. I guess it's time for me to deal with those little details.

So that's the very brief update on things around here. I'm sure there will be more crazy incidents to report today. I just get that feeling. But I have other things to work on, so I will leave it at that for today. I'll try to post a little more frequently if I can. I especially hope to have horse-related news in the near future...hopefully the good kind of news this time. I'm off for now.

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