Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today is starting out with a great big groan. Or maybe a deep and terrible growl. Cody was up at 5:30 a.m., and though my memory is fuzzy, I'm fairly certain he shared the joy by making sure Jamie woke up too. What else can I even say about that? He deliberately woke his brother at the most ungodly hour, and in the process woke Mike and I too. Then, Jamie was crying because apparently Cody would not let him have a sip of water, so Jamie came in our room too, letting both cats in in the process. Tabu is fine, she just curled up right on my side, but Cricket was on a mission to annoy us. Not really. Cricket is neurotic, but not vindictive. She looked for paper or plastic to rattle, and she did just that until I stormed out of bed, grabbed her and threw her out the door. Tabu followed. I was mad! By 6:30 a.m., Micah was also awake and crying and I was ready to scream. I'm guessing Mike was too. I turned off the monitor and went back to bed, even though I knew sleep was now officially impossible.

Cody has school today, and as such, I was extra upset about Micah being awake. Walking Cody to the bus in the morning is no big deal if it's just me, but taking either of the other two is a pain. They walk slower than you can imagine, and Micah whines and cries the whole time to be carried. Well, he is probably close to 35 pounds, and it is a long driveway. (We're talking country driveway here, not city.) So I refuse to take him along, particularly in the mornings when extra bundling is necessary, therefore taking up even more time. Today, I had no choice. Well, I guess I did have a choice. I could either leave him in his bed for another 45 minutes after I finally got up at 7 a.m., or I was going to have to take him with me. Fine. I decided to take him, but very reluctantly. Mike hauled the stroller out of the shed for me to help with the speed and carrying issues. I left Jamie in the house to watch Cat in the Hat (the cartoon, NOT the movie) and off we went.

Well, it was an interesting walk. Radar is always an idiot on his leash on the way to the bus for some reason, even though he's an angel on the way back. That's normally not a big deal, but when pushing a stroller it is extremely awkward and annoying. In addition to that, it was black as night outside, and our driveway is actually a winding road-like trail through the trees, so it's even darker. Cody insisted on pushing the stroller at first until he nearly dumped Micah when it went sideways off the edge of the part where we built up the road after the flood. Then I had to take the dog AND the stroller, so I don't know how many times I ran over Radar and his leash, plus steering was proving difficult.

Anyway, we made it back all right, and Cody was right on time for the bus, but I am extremely irritable today. Every morning I have fantasies about putting duct tape over their mouths, which obviously I cannot do! How do you keep kids quiet when they insist on getting up that early? The only thing that works every time is TV, and I just don't want them to watch TV every morning, plus if I do that, they'll probably get up earlier and earlier because they are so excited to watch. So, I have to keep telling myself this will someday get better, but Cody is five years old, and he is still doing it, so that means I have at least another three years of this until Micah is that age, and if he's still doing it, it will be longer. I am NOT a morning person, nor have I ever been. If they wake me up when the hour hand points to the number seven, I can live with that. But not six, and certainly not five. I may enforce naps all around today, even though Jamie does not do well in the evening if he naps in the day. Today, I may not care. We'll see.

Oh, and incidentally, I was right about yesterday. All manner of ridiculous and maddening things happened, including potty training horror stories. Ick. I hope today will be better, though we are not off to a good start. I am trying a new recipe for supper, so hopefully at least that will go well, though with me, you never know. I better sign off for now.

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