Saturday, October 15, 2011

A week of many tears...

I suppose it is about time I update this blog. It has been a difficult week. How many times do I start my posts that way? This has been a different kind of difficult. The boys have been okay this week, despite some very grouchy moments, a bit of attitude, and a two-year-old with a cold. The animal kingdom is where things have gone wrong. Let me explain.

On Tuesday, I went riding with Andrea again. It was my seventh ride this fall, which has equalled roughly one a week since I started. I am feeling so much more confident in the saddle again, and have even been enjoying myself quite a bit...something I thought might never happen again after Sasha bucked me off last August. (If you don't know that story, it is in a post from last August called "I fell off my horse", or something like that.) Anyway, Andrea decided I should try a different horse this time, seeing my previous six rides were all on Indy, and in order to prepare me to have the confidence to ride Sasha again, I needed to get used to more than just one horse. Okay. I was nervous, but I agreed to try out Phoenix, Andrea's mare. She is more like an elephant, by my estimation. She is a Quarter Horse, but she is huge. And I don't just mean tall. She is at least 16 hands, maybe even 16.1, though we have not measured her. She is also a tank. Really. My other sister, Christine, who is also very out of practice, rode her once and loved her. Since then, she refuses to ride Indy. You see, Phoenix is very smooth, and also not fast like Indy.

I found both of those assessments to be very true. She plodded along much like an elephant, and my legs felt like she was near the width of one. True to her reputation, she was extremely smooth at every gait, most notably her lope. But, all of this is irrelevant. The real story here is Sasha. You see, Andrea rode her this time, and things were going along just fine for the first fifteen minutes or so. Then we went into the bush. We were barely in there, in a little clearing, when Sasha did a huge spook, which made Phoenix spook. Right then and there I nearly came off, but Sasha did not stop. She started to buck, and I mean really, really buck. Then, Phoenix started to buck. Anyone who rides horses will know what I mean when I say I had one of those slow motion moments where I had time to think, "I'm going down. We're both going to get bucked off and get really hurt." Both horses continued to buck, Phoenix even hopping up a little bit on her hind legs. She was going to pivot and bolt right out of there. Andrea sailed off of Sasha and landed gracefully, or at least solidly, on her feet. I was relieved to see it, but I was still in trouble. Andrea started coaching me from the ground, shouting "TIGHT CIRCLES! TIGHT CIRCLES!" so I got my head back and pulled Phoenix around tightly until she stopped.

It was a very scary moment...or series of moments. Sasha did not stop bucking when Andrea came off. She went on and on for a good 30 seconds until she finally stopped. We were all shaking. We rode another 45 minutes to an hour after that, but Sasha was a wreck, spooking violently at everything, even small patches of grass. I don't know how to adequately explain how upsetting this was for me. It was not just because we had a close call. It was because my horse lost her head completely, and I knew that was it for me. I knew I could never keep her because I will never know when she is going to go off like that again and I am simply not okay with having her as my horse anymore. I need a horse that I can trust, at least for the most part, and she is not it. So, I have listed my girl for sale. The chances of selling her for any decent price at all are nearly zero. Even to sell her for peanuts or give her away will be hard because of what she has done. I am very upset and also stressed out about this. I did hope the breeder would take her back, but they will not because they don't want any extra mouths to feed this winter. This is a long story, and I have a lot more I could share about it, but I will probably be writing more about it in the near future, so I will leave it at that for now. Here are some pictures of my Sasha, that will no longer be mine.

If this wasn't bad enough, two days later one of our cats, Tabu (pronounced Taboo) started vomiting blood. I knew this was a very bad sign and called the vet. We kept her home for the night and isolated her in the laundry room so I could keep track of how much she was vomiting, as well as her litter situation and her drinking situation. I did not feed her. I didn't think it would be a good idea. I took her to the vet first thing yesterday morning and left her there for the day. We came back to get her, me and all three boys, at the end of the day. That was a highly unpleasant experience. All three boys were so bad. I don't even want to describe it. In the end, Tabu seemed okay, but the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her, which was puzzling to her. So, almost three hundred dollars later, we brought her home, still nervous that she was in trouble. This afternoon (this is gross) she pooped a huge ribbon onto our carpet. Yes, I mean literally a ribbon. Voila diagnosis. If only I had waited 48 hours. I could have diagnosed her for free. I am still worried about her because if there is more ribbon in there it could kill her. What a dumb cat! How did she swallow six to eight inches of a ribbon half an inch thick without puking?? 

Tabu is the tabby, Cricket is the black and white one. Both females we rescued from the pound when they were kittens. They are sweet and loving, and neurotic. They are part of the family and we are glad Tabu, or "Booger", as we usually call her, seems to be okay.

I have had many headaches and little sleep between worrying about Tabu and worrying about how to find a home for Sasha. I won't share the details now, but I do have a possible solution for the horse situation. If it works out, I will be updating in here, but it will be a while before I know. 

I am too tired to share anymore right now, though there is much more I could say. Maybe next week I'll have time for more than one post. Goodnight, everyone.


Allison said...

So sorry to hear Sasha won't work out. She is a beautiful girl! Hopefully Tabu is feeling better. Thinking of you, I know how loving our animals can be heartbreaking, and feel for you going through this!

CAT said...

Thanks, Allison. I know you understand. Tabu is doing very well now, and I think she is completely fine, so that is one positive thing. I can't get her to swallow her dang pills though, but I'm guessing she doesn't really need them anyway so trying not to stress over it.