Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Napping and potty training...

Why do my kids quit napping so early??? I don't remember when Cody quit, but I remember it was too soon for my liking. I guess Jamie would still be napping if I would allow it. Poor kid. He asked me to let him nap today, but I said no. Weird mom, right? I know. But if he naps at all during the day, he is up all evening and it's very irritating and exhausting. But Micah is only two. Surely he should still be napping, right? He's in bed right now, and I hear him singing "Rumour Has It", by Adele. I don't like that song. But he does, and I guess that's all that matters to him at the moment.

Quiet time in the afternoon has become a desperate necessity for me. Listening to Micah scream (and I don't mean cry, I mean deliberate shrieking), holler for me, sing, throw things, and make up stories about needing to poop on the potty all afternoon is really taking the quiet out of my quiet time. Don't get me wrong. At times I find it cute, and even downright funny listening to him. But sometimes, I just need a little silence. I guess that was not part of the job description.

I really should mention that since my last post, nobody else has thrown up. Well, nobody in our little family. Lots of others who were at our huge gathering have, but we have been extremely blessed so far. I am very grateful for that, and have even toyed with the idea of doing some Christmas decorating. But then I changed my mind. What I really want to do is wrap all the presents. True to my word, and my plan, I do have all of my shopping done, and it is not yet the end of November. I am beyond thrilled about that, and I suppose that means it will soon be time to bake. In two days, it will be December 1st, the day that, traditionally, I like to put up my tree. This year, I don't know. I'm just not going to say anything and we'll see when Mike mentions it. If the boys really beg and we are in to December, I guess we'll go ahead and put up the tree. It will be interesting to see whether it survives this year, with Micah at the stage he is at. And it's a fake tree, so survival should theoretically be much easier to achieve. Don't be fooled into believing that. Our tree usually looks nice for about one day. After that, there are continually missing branches, the garlands are hanging wrong, ornaments are all over the floor, sometimes broken, and often at least missing the string or hook used to hang them with. Hm. That does make it difficult. Last year I resorted to resting the Christmas balls carefully amongst the branches, but the tree was shaken so much they did not stay on. Jamie is much more interested in using them as hockey pucks than seeing them hanging on a pretty tree.

Micah is now shouting to me about poop. Hm. This is the tricky part about potty training. Micah has now discovered that as long as he yells that he needs to poop on the potty, I will come and get him. It doesn't have to be true. Just saying those words is his ticket out of his crib. Me, on the other hand, I am in a precarious position. Do I run in there every time, encouraging him to manipulate me? Or do I ignore him, and take the risk that he will indeed poop in his diaper because I ignored him even though I told him to tell me when he needed to go? The second option is also accompanied by him removing said poopy diaper in the crib, and that is all kinds of nasty. Sigh. I guess I better go find out whether he really went or not. I guess his "nap" is coming to an end once again, without a single moment of sleep. He is now singing about poop. Bye for now.

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