Saturday, November 5, 2011


After yesterday’s fiasco, Radar finally redeemed himself in the afternoon. Apparently the cattle crossed a line when they moved into our front yard. We discovered this around 3:15 p.m. when Cody looked out the window and called me to come and see. So I grabbed the camera and stood out on the deck, where I was eventually joined by all three boys, and Radar, who was cowering there like the chicken he is. I took pictures, and the cattle moved around a bit at the sound of our voices.

But then, something inside of Radar seemed to snap. He finally decided enough was enough and he headed down to confront them. Maybe it was because Jamie was also headed down to rescue his boots, which he had left by the trampoline. Radar got there just ahead of him and had a stare-off with the bovines. Then, in a fit of inspiration, he spiked up his back and went in for the attack. It was fun to watch, and I got a few pictures, though I was worried about Jamie who was right down in the yard in the middle of the fray. He was standing by the trampoline, so he was okay, but I was yelling, “Get on the trampoline! Get on the trampoline!” He looked at me like I was nuts and said, “Why?” Yeesh.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the adventure. Incidentally, only four of the cattle returned. I don’t know what happened to number five. 

So now I don't know whether I can count on Radar or not when I do my walk in the darkness in the early mornings. Maybe he just gets tough when he feels like it and cowers like a wimp when he's not in the mood. I'm sure they will be back today, so it will be interesting. It sure would be fun to get on a horse and chase them all the way back to their own pasture. 

Anyway, must sign off for now. Have a birthday party to attend this afternoon with the boys and have some other things to do first. By the way, please note the green (ish) grass in the pictures and the complete and utter lack of snow. That was November 4th. I sincerely hope the next time I post in here we will still have no snow, but apparently it is coming tomorrow. I am not looking forward to winter. The fall has been so lovely I really want it to last forever, plus precipitation is our enemy this year with the flood aftermath and the flooding to come. So I hope I can share more photos of the nice weather like this. I'll end with one to show just how nice it was yesterday.
Cody was pretending to buck like a cow and Jamie was pretending to be Radar.

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