Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The busiest week

Like everyone else, we are super busy right now. It's the week before Christmas, and how I wish not a creature was stirring in this house. However, it is quite the opposite. Right now, all three of my boys are in the hallway screaming and hollering at the top of their lungs. They are happy, but loud. Playing some kind of sport in the hallway. I am hiding in my room for a moment of sanity.

Cody's school Christmas concert is today and I am rather stressed about it. Silly, but I can't help it. This morning I had to "hem" his pants, as they were four inches too long for him. Well, I didn't want to cut all that length off, and in the end I cut about an inch and a half off and then stitched it a little at both seams, but  I taped the rest. Yep. On the inside of the pants, of course, but still. I just didn't have time to really sew. I am a VERY slow sewer. Hm. Seamstress looks better, doesn't it? Sewer. Sewer. Two different meanings, but spelled the same.

Anyway, I have to drop Cody off at school at noon, but the concert starts at 1. So I don't know what to do. If I drop him off at noon, we won't get home until about ten after. Then I want to get to the concert early, though maybe not TOO I'll probably have a grand total of 20 minutes at home before we have to rush off again. Ick. Plus, I will have to feed the boys lunch at 11 a.m. to make sure they will be ready to leave on time. I don't know why stuff like this stresses me out so much. I am just too uptight, I guess. But I so look forward to this concert being over. He has a second one this evening, but Mike will be the one going to that one. I will be here by myself with the dynamic duo.

So, aside from sewing this morning, my worst frustration was the discovery of more unwanted wall art. The whole kitchen wall that runs along our stairs has been vandalized in ball point pen. Has anyone tried taking ball point pen off the walls? Well let me tell you, it is very difficult. To make matters worse, the "artwork" is actually some very large numbers, written very well with a few exceptions that are backwards. That pretty much confirmed who had done it. Yep. Cody. My five and a half year old is STILL writing on the walls, and not even in washable marker. I lost it a little. I was so mad. He even had the nerve to lie and say that Jamie did it. Well, Jamie can't write numbers, so I know better. I just can't understand. I felt like I might as well buy a big can of black paint and hurl it all around my house randomly on the walls and the carpet. So many walls are ruined in this house. I don't even know where he got the pen. I can't even find a pen when taking a phone message. We have removed all writing utensils out of the kitchen and any other "public access" area of the house. That includes washable crayons and markers, as I was tired of seeing that writing on the walls and carpet too. There are days when I feel like I just can't win. Micah is only two. What if he is still writing on the walls three years from now? Will my house be doomed to be ugly and ruined forever? Sometimes it feels like it.

So, that is my very fast vent for today. Hopefully the concert will go well. I look forward to it, but also to it being over. After that, we only have one big day left before the two biggest of all, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Cody has a hockey game on Friday night, which we will all be attending. I have still not done my Christmas baking. It may not get done this year.

Gotta run. Soon I will have to prepare lunch, and I should make sure everyone has nice clothes to wear too. I also have to iron Cody's new white shirt. Bye for now.

I'm updating to add that I just discovered yogurt smeared on the living room carpet as well as a WHOLE carton of orange juice poured out on the kitchen floor. I am completely fried and desperate for a break. I just want to stay home by myself for the next week and skip Christmas altogether. Or, go stay at a hotel for a week where I don't have to face the destruction that is all around me. This is absolutely unbelievable to me. I just don't know how to stop it. Our boys invade the fridge at 6 a.m., before we are even awake. We have a child proof lock on the fridge that all three of them can beat. I feel like getting a giant chain and padlock and putting it around the fridge. I will wear the key around my neck. I want to throw away every pen, pencil, marker, crayon, paint...anything that a person can write with, and get rid of every toy in this house. I just don't know how to keep this chaos contained anymore. It is impossible and I am at my wits' end.

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