Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm still here...

Wow. I sure haven't posted in here in a long time. Things on the homestead are typical. Today, I caught Jamie putting his boots on to go outside after he had stripped all of his clothes off. I mean everything. Yep. Buck naked except for the winter boots. His plan? He was going to spray himself with the hose. For some reason, Jamie just can't get a grasp on what season it is. This is winter. And I'm not talking about winter in Florida. This is Manitoba. Granted, our winter has been fairly mild so far, even with minimal snow, but it was still well below zero today, even with some snow flurries. I'm just glad I caught him in the act. Well, technically Cody caught him. And panicked. In fact, he told Jamie if he went out there he would die. Then he pounded on him to stop him from going out. Of course I was very angry, but he said he didn't want his brother to die. Yeesh. So Jamie needs work on his concept of what is appropriate attire for the weather...or even just for the sake of normal social skills. (For him, naked is always the superior choice when it comes to wardrobe.) And Cody needs to understand that if he doesn't want his brother to get hurt, he probably shouldn't go ahead and hurt his brother. Twice he did that today. In the name of protecting his brother, he did a preemptive strike. Hurt him before he can hurt himself. The lesser of two evils, I suppose.

I am slowly coming to grips with the approaching holiday season. We put up our Christmas tree on December 3rd, earlier than I was ready to, but the boys really wanted it up. I have not listened to much Christmas music, but the tree is pretty, albeit very messy, as usual, so I find its presence comforting and not as much of a negative reminder as I was expecting I would. I am still very nervous about getting sick this year, and indeed I do have a sinus cold, but it's bearable, so I am not too upset about it.

My shopping was done in November just as I had planned, but I have not done a single bit of baking yet. Ah, well, we have been busy with Cody's hockey and I have also done quite a bit of wrapping.

That's the update for the moment. I might not be posting much in the next week or more, as it will be busy with hockey and Cody's Christmas concert at school, and of course then it will be Christmas. I sure hope to have a good report this year. We will see. I'm off for now.

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