Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Day Here. UPDATE at bottom of page.

I'd love to say, "Thank goodness it's Friday", but in truth, I will be relieved when today is over. Cody is off to school this morning. From there, he goes straight to a birthday party in town. From there, he goes straight to hockey, also in town. It's a huge day for him, and I am feeling kind of bad about it. This morning, I had to wake him up to get him ready on time, and that is not normal for him. It turns out, both he and Jamie are complaining of sore throats today. We've all been struggling with colds for a long time in this house. Well, maybe not Mike, but the rest of us are. Micah has been sick for weeks, and I have been for over a week now too.

Anyway, Jamie was looking pale and was whimpering when he got up. He didn't eat any of his breakfast. He seems to have a fever, so I told him to get his pillow and I have him set up on the couch watching TV with a blanket over him. I gave him some Tylenol too, partly for the fever but also in hopes it might help his throat pain. Poor boy. This is not normal behaviour for him either.

Micah is in my room with me, peeling billions of small stickers off of a roll and sticking them on me. I have  21 on my arms so far, but I see he is coming in with another one. I keep telling him to stop, but he is addicted. It isn't that I mind being covered in stickers. My only concern is that these may not be his stickers, and if they're not, there will be backlash later when the rightful owner finds out. Nothing makes Micah happy like stickers. Haha. It's pretty cute. He woke up crying at around 6 a.m. begging me to blow his nose, so he is not feeling awesome either. I hope this will go away soon. It's annoying.

So I anticipate a very quiet day here, seeing I won't even see Cody again until about 7 p.m., and Jamie will probably veg out all day. Micah is always pretty quiet, though he does get into trouble. Maybe we'll all even get to nap this afternoon! That would be nice. This cold has me losing sleep too, so I could do with the extra rest.

That's all from my frigid corner of the world this morning. I will quickly add though, I am very glad we are nearing the end of January. February is cold too, but psychologically it just feels better.

UPDATE: About an hour ago, Jamie threw up on the living room floor. He is weak and pale, and his voice is so quiet. He has finally fallen asleep on the couch. I have laundry going from the barf. I'm not as stressed out as I normally get about stomach sickness, but I am worried about Cody. This morning he said he had a stomach ache, but he used the bathroom and then seemed fine. Now I'm wondering whether he really is fine or not. I hope I will not have to go pick him up. That would mean dragging Jamie out in the freezing cold and making him endure a van ride with a bucket in his lap. Ugh. I hadn't even thought about that part of things. I SO hope that doesn't happen. But I wonder whether Cody will be okay after a day this big when clearly he was off to start with. Cody never sleeps in. Ever. Sigh. Okay, I am definitely a bit stressed out.

Micah is playing very quietly on the floor in my room, which is fine with me. I will probably try to keep him in here for a lot of the day to avoid contact with Jamie. (For Micah, I mean.) This is just not cool. I hope it will be a mild one and not get really horrible. I've been trying to call Mike so he is aware that Cody may not be up for hockey tonight, but I can't get a hold of him, as usual. Yuck. This is definitely depressing. Hopefully I will have a good update tomorrow, or whenever I post next.

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