Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm in my room by myself with a tall glass of chocolate milk. Mmm. Outside, huge fluffy snowflakes are falling gently to the ground. It is mild out again today, but starting tomorrow it's going to get super cold for the whole week, which I'm not looking forward to! I'm tired and a bit run down these days from a yucky cold, which I'm sure I got from Micah. It's really not that bad except the congestion gives me headaches and I find it hard to sleep at night because I can't breathe, so I'm tired most days. Hopefully it will clear up soon, and Micah's too. He has been sick for weeks.

Just wanted to follow up on two things. First, Cody's birthday party for his friend went all right. All in all, he had a good time and even though they watched part of a movie (we picked him up before it was over), the mom skipped the part that I was concerned about, so she must have been thinking the same way. I'm sure there will be many more birthday parties to come, so it should be interesting to see how that goes! Hopefully I won't be as nervous for all of them.

Also, I wanted to mention that Mike's dad came over and helped him fix the furnace. Well, apparently it still has a problem, but they did get the new elements installed and we actually have heat! I was beyond relieved. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am more often hot than I am cold, so it is ironic that it bothered me so much, but honestly, it was really uncomfortable in here. Whenever I sat still or stood still I had a chill and even under blankets I was shivering. The day after it got fixed, the boys and I all gathered on the floor in the living room around the most accessible heat vent and we just enjoyed the warm air coming out. Yes, that was very nice!

I don't have a ton more to report today. Cody has a hockey game today out of town, and as I watch the snow outside I wonder how the roads will be. In the few minutes I have been typing this post, the snow has gone from one of those romantic, gently drifting down snowfalls, to something a lot more intense. Still big flakes, but they are coming down much harder and faster than before.

The other thing on my mind in the last few days is home improvements. I really have this strong urge to go to Home Depot and buy a whole bunch of paint and other supplies and really fix up our place. I'm so tired of the writing on the walls...literally. So much writing, and much of it is in blue ball point pen, so it does not come off. I just want to paint this place, but then if we do, the boys will probably just do it all over again as soon as we're done. I just keep wondering how many years we'll have to wait before we can really get this place nice again. Oh well. Tis the season, I suppose. The season of life, that is.

I'm off to eat some breakfast. Bye for now.

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