Monday, January 23, 2012

It is Monday afternoon. I should be in the middle of "quiet time" right now, but sadly, quiet time has taken a serious turn for the worse in this house. Micah spent his whole "nap" shouting, "I want a banana! I WANT A BANANA, I SAID!" He also sang a Coldplay song and requested ice cream. A few minutes ago, Jamie looked as though he was about to have a narcoleptic episode and I asked him to think of what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to play with Micah. Well, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Micah is now out and about with Jamie, playing "kitty and puppy". Micah is a kitty and crawls around meowing, until such time that he wants something. Then he talks to me in his "kitty voice". Jamie pretends he is "Oddball", one of the puppies from 102 Dalmatians. They have never seen the movie, but they have the book. I don't know what triggered the sudden obsession, but it is there. Mike and I secretly think that Oddball is quite a fitting name for Jamie, who is and has always been a tad bit eccentric.

Cody is here too. He was doing some math in a book we bought for him for Christmas, but now that Micah and Jamie are playing, he doesn't want to be left out so he is right in there too. They have this ball that is covered in suction cups and they take turns hurling it violently at the window. If it sticks, that is considered a goal. I played a little yesterday. I won. It was strangely satisfying. In fact, I wish I had one with me right now so I could hurl it at something. Maybe I'll borrow it after they go to bed tonight.

Jamie is feeling a lot better, but he is still grouchy. I don't know about Mike. He went to work, so I'm assuming he is okay. But then, who knows what will happen once he gets home. The rest of us still have colds, but not strep so far, so I am thankful for that.

My domestic accomplishments for the day? Well, I have folded two baskets of laundry so far and I hear that my third one is ready now too. Not a huge accomplishment, but somehow it always makes me feel like I have done something worthwhile. I had Cody on garbage collection duty this morning and we went around with a garbage bag and he picked up all the things they have dumped on the floor including (but not limited to) broccoli, grapes, a multitude of granola bar wrappers, kleenex, empty sticker packages, candy wrappers from Cody's birthday party he attended on Friday... Sadly, I could go on. The good news is, the floor is close to being ready to be vacuumed. That's right. In my house, you can't just vacuum. It's like a three day process to get ready first. All discarded laundry must be picked up. (That would mostly be Jamie's socks, which are found anywhere and everywhere on a daily basis.) All toys must be picked up and put in their proper places. This alone is a two day job. Garbage must be collected and discarded. I wish I could just pull the vacuum out and go for it, but it is seriously that difficult. Every day I am awed by how much mess three boys can make and how much destruction they can reap. It is amazing.

And even so, I have my heart set on fixing up their rooms in the spring. Well, mostly just the one room which has been ruined so badly by them. Time to paint over my once beautiful baby room and remove what is left of the tattered border. I will have to post before and after pics once we get around to that. We will wait until spring so we can set aside some funds for the job. I can't wait, even though it will be painful to watch the room get torn apart once again. Our hope is, if they are part of the fixing up, they will be less likely to write on the walls...etc. Naive? Yes. But that's okay. It's either that or we have to leave their room like this for another five years or more, and I just can't do it. After the destruction that the flood hit us with in the spring, we are just ready to make our upstairs look as nice as possible, seeing our basement is pretty much ruined.

Oh, and besides the laundry and garbage I forgot to mention I'm making a roast beef dinner tonight complete with mashed potatoes, gravy and some kind of vegetables that are as yet undetermined. That definitely counts as a domestic accomplishment, right? Now I am off to grab my next basket of laundry to fold and organize. Maybe I'll even vacuum before Mike gets home!

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