Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Invitations...

Last week I posted about Cody's birthday party that he was invited to and how that was a milestone for me as a mom. I am sure I overreacted to the whole thing, but regardless, I was somewhat stressed out for many reasons. I told myself it was good, I would have to get used to it because there were bound to be more invitations in the future. What I forgot to update in here was, the very next day, I found another invitation in his backpack! It's for this Friday, so at least this time I had more notice. Once again I am a little bit stressed, but only because that day will be so huge for him. He will get on the bus to go to school at 7:40 a.m. Crazy, right? Then, at 3 p.m. when school is over, he will go directly to the birthday party, which will go until 5 p.m. Then, Mike will have to pick him up and rush him straight over to hockey, which starts at 5:30 p.m., and he really should be there by 5 so he can get dressed in all his equipment. I'm not sure how the whole thing is going to be coordinated. I haven't talked to the mom yet, but her son is also on Cody's hockey team, so I am thinking she will want him to rush over there too. But then I wonder, will she be feeding them supper? If not, Cody will not eat before practice, and that will NOT work. I have this and many other questions, but what I really need to do is call her. I will be doing that later, to sort out the details. I also need to know whether I have to drive to town and pick Cody up and drive him over to the birthday boy's house, or whether she is going to walk them all over from the school. I'm guessing that won't be the case, seeing it is ridiculously cold out this week.

Yes, winter has bared her fangs at us here, and we have been under an extreme wind chill warning all day, and it will continue all through tomorrow as well. The wind chill will be as low as -43 tomorrow morning. I heard it was -50 in parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta today. That's just gross! As it was, I had to take the Dynamic Duo out today, which was not thrilling for me. I had to see my ophthalmologist yet again, and it was early in the morning. So I had to take them over to Mike's parents' place at 8 a.m. and then brave the highways. I was nervous about that because there was a lot of blowing snow, but it turned out the visibility was pretty good. Ironically, just as I was exiting my house to leave, I got hit with a migraine, and when that happens to me, my vision goes very weird and it's hard to see. So even though road conditions were pretty decent, my eyes were not that good. It turned out okay, but I was worried I might have to pull over on the highway and wait until I could see again. Fortunately, it didn't get as severe as it did last night. I guess it was one of those kind that continues into the next day. I feel fine now, so that's a relief.

And now, I have one of those permanent chills you get when you have been outside in weather that was not made to be out in, and the only way to get rid of that kind of chill is with hot water. Man, I wish I had a hot tub. That would be so awesome. Not that it would matter. In 25 minutes, I have to go outside AGAIN and walk to the road to get Cody from the bus. How I wish I could stay inside today! At least tomorrow I get to, though I am going to get my hair done in the evening, so I will freeze then again.

Hm. A fireplace would also be nice. At any rate, as you can tell, I don't have anything profound to say today. I'm off for now.

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