Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Mommy Milestone For Me

I suppose I am a bit of a sheltered mommy in a way. This year, Cody is in Kindergarten, obviously. I found that to be a hard transition in terms of having to let him go a little bit. Well, he just started back on Tuesday after a couple of weeks off for Christmas break, and I found a birthday party invitation in his bag. It was for today. Wow. It was very short notice, and I didn't know how we would possibly get a present between then and now. In addition to that, the invitation only had the boy's first name on it and not the name of the parent. I have not been particularly informed of Cody's classmates' last names, so even though I know a few of the parents' names, I don't know whose kid is whose. There was a phone number and a note that the kids would take the bus home with her son.

As silly as this might sound, I have been stressing over this ever since. I called the phone number on the invitation and found out his mother was one of Cody's preschool teachers, so I had at least met her before. But this is not the city, and their place is a minimum of ten miles from here, in the boonies (like we are) and even though a map was included, I must say it felt very odd to agree to send my child to someone's house that I have never been to, who has siblings that I have never met. In fact, I don't even think I have ever met the birthday boy himself.

Anyway, after much deliberating (with myself) I decided Cody could go. He was really excited about it, but I have been so nervous. I pretty much grilled the other mom to find out the details of the bussing arrangements, and what would be taking place at this party. She said they would be playing some games and making a craft and that she might put a movie on. That's when I got really nervous. Cody is very sensitive and finds a lot of things scary that some kids might not, and especially that many parents would not consider scary. I told her how sensitive he is and she said it would just be a cartoon. Well, that is not very comforting for me. Cody has barely seen any movies in his life, and most cartoon Disney type movies have at least one scary part in them, if not more. She listed a few movies, none of which thrilled me. Then she told me her five year old watches the Harry Potter movies. Oh dear! That is way beyond what I would ever show any of my boys. I don't say that in judgment of her. I don't care what other parents show their kids. But I know my boys, and something like that would have lasting damage on them, particularly fear issues and nightmares. Anyway, she assured me they would not watch anything like that, and I know she meant it. Still, I was left feeling nervous because I know Cody and I didn't want him to end up feeling uncomfortable and trapped.

So I told her my name and phone number and told her to please call me if Cody was having any problems and I would come and get him early. I also told Cody to have her call me if he was uncomfortable or scared if they watched a movie, and he's the kind of kid who would, so at least I had that.

All in all, the average mom would find me overprotective, but I can't help myself. This is way out of my element, beyond my comfort zone. It will be time to get him in about fifteen minutes, and I look forward to having him home again. It would be different if I knew the birthday boy, or his family. Sigh. This is such a drop in the bucket compared to all the moments I will face of uncertainty and worry in my mothering future. Hopefully I will get a good report from Cody when he gets home!


ChristyK said...

so how did the party/event go? Cody happy? All went smoothly?

CAT said...

All went well and Cody had a good time. I was happy when he got home, and he was very grouchy the next day from having such a long day, but he did enjoy himself. They did watch part of Ice Age, which concerned me because of the beginning when the mother dies, but apparently the mom at the party didn't let them watch that part, so I was relieved about that. Cody gets nightmares very easily, so I am careful about what he watches!

All in all, I survived that first official birthday party. Cousins' don't count because we know them so well. :)