Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sad for my sick boy and happy for our beautiful weather.

I'm about to go to bed but thought I would check in quickly. The week has been okay, but Micah is quite sick and I am feeling worried about him. At first he just had a cold, but then he got a fever. I know this is pathetic, but I don't know what his temperature is. I have a thermometer, but it's hard to take a two year old's temperature. I have done it under the armpit before, but it's hard to get them to stay still that long. Then I have to figure out how to convert it to what it would be orally, so usually I don't take it unless it seems like the fever is really high. Well, this time around, he has a significant fever, and we have been alternating tylenol with advil to keep it down. It is working, but in between he gets very hot. His face is red and puffy when he wakes up from a nap or in the morning, and this evening he broke out in this rash all over his body. Red dots and patches all over, and they are raised. I Googled it, which is dumb, I know, but I am wondering whether he has something called roseola. It can't be measles or chicken pox, as he has been vaccinated against both of those. Roseola is not severe, though it can bring high fevers for a week or so, so I guess I should hope for that. But I just feel so bad for him. He's just this sweet little guy and for days he has been miserable. Before the rash appeared, I figured he probably had influenza or something, but now I am probably going to have to take him to the doctor tomorrow. I hope that will be possible. It is supposed to rain overnight and with very high winds and the temperature dropping below zero, the highways might not be good tomorrow.

And that brings me to a lighter note. The weather here is unbelievable right now. I know, I know. Us Manitobans have a reputation for being obsessed with weather. Guilty as charged. But seriously, it is January, the month when things get unbearably frigid, and today the temperature was not only above zero, it went up to 11 degrees here. That's celsius, my American friends, not Fahrenheit. That is basically unheard of here. It has been a very mild winter and I am beyond grateful for that. The less snow we get, the better our chances of not flooding this spring. I know we could still get hit with crazy amounts of snow over the next three or even four months, but at least we are starting the year with barely any. I hope this trend will continue. And besides, it just feels nice to go outside in January and stand there with no hat or mitts and not feel cold. Wow! I'll take it!

Mike is busy with homework so I have picked up on my book where I left off about two months ago. Yikes. I think I'm ready to get back at it, and I am quite excited to do so. My intention was to write the whole first draft in a year and then spend however long it takes rewriting it and perfecting it after that. (Likely at least another year.) But I started in early February last year, so I'm running out of time! Here's hoping I will be very inspired and have lots of quiet time this month. Odds are I will not finish on time, but at least if I can go strong and steady, I will finish it in a couple of months or so.

Phew. That was a fast post, but longer than I expected. Hopefully I will have good news about Micah soon. He is really pathetic and sad and it breaks my heart. He just says, "Can I hold you, Mommy?" and wants to sit on my lap all day and cuddle.

I'm off to bed. Goodnight all.

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