Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is Manitoba. It is January. We get cold, harsh winters here, and that is no secret. It is not unexpected, though it is usually unwelcome. This year we have been spoiled with amazing weather and I'm going to venture a guess that we have broken some records with our high temperatures. One day last week it was +9 here, and I think I mentioned it in my blog. That translates to 48.2 Fahrenheit, for those who don't speak Celsius.

Today, the tide has finally turned and we are getting a blast of that arctic cold that is typical for this time of year here. I get it. This is normal, and I should not be upset about it. Right now, the temperature with the wind chill outside is -29 C, which is -20.2 F. No problem. We have a nice, cozy house, right? Well, we used to. Our house was once so well insulated people joked that we could light a candle and it would heat the place. Right now we have two problems. One, we tore out the majority of our insulation in the basement this spring when it flooded and got all mouldy. That has not been replaced for a number of reasons, one of which is that my husband assured me we would be fine because that part of the basement is underground. That logic doesn't work for me, but okay. I told myself, I'm just a girl who knows nothing about the logistics of house building/maintaining, so I should listen to what I'm told.

Problem number two...our furnace is not working. I told Mike about a month ago that our furnace had a problem and was no longer keeping up. He changed the filter on it and felt like that helped, which at the time, it did. However, we also had the most ridiculously mild winter weather ever, so it didn't take much to keep it warm in here. Now, on the first day of extreme cold in a long time, our furnace is NOT working. It is currently 17.4 C in here. That is 63.32 F. That's pretty chilly. I told Mike I believed one of the elements in the furnace must be burnt out. But he insisted it was this filter. Again, I felt like I guess I'm just a girl who knows nothing about furnaces, which in all fairness, I don't. But, his dad came over tonight and checked (Mike is not home) and sure enough three out of four of the elements are burnt out.

Now let me tell you, it is very icy in this house. I had to give all of my boys extra quilts in hopes that they will make it through the night without frostbite, and our furnace will not be fixed until at the earliest tomorrow afternoon. It is still supposed to drop another ten degrees tonight, so I can't see the temperature staying as high as it is right now in here. Right now I have a cat on my lap, which is helping some, but I hope the other one will join us soon. Even the dog refuses to go outside right now, and he has a good coat on him. (Though he is also a wimp.)

So that is how we are starting our full blown winter. I imagine it won't be fun getting out of bed in the morning. I might have to break out my hair dryer to stay warm!

Anyway, I'm going to watch tv for a while, I think, seeing I'm on my own tonight. Stay warm everyone.

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