Monday, January 16, 2012

Things you do NOT want to overhear your four year old saying...

Well, I just had my adrenaline rush for the day. Cody is at school today, so I am just here with the Dynamic Duo. It has been very quiet in here for the last few minutes. I am in my room, where I do my laundry folding and putting away, and I heard Jamie say, "Now hold still, this won't hurt." My eyes popped open and I headed for the living room. On my way, I heard Jamie say, "Now don't move. I'm just going to cut around your ears." AAAHHHHH!!! Well, I supposed it was time. I have been a mom for almost six years now, and I don't think any of my kids have given themselves a haircut yet, let alone giving each other one. I bolted into the living room, my jaw already hanging open, and I stopped short. Jamie looked up, guilt in his eyes, but he was not holding scissors. He had a pair of pliers! Phew! Oh my goodness, that got the heart pumping. I really thought he was hacking Micah's hair, and I only hoped I would get there before he cut one of his ears while he was at it. I can't tell you how nice it was to walk in on a scene like that and feel relief instead of horror. Too many times I have been in the other boat.

Now I'm going to make some lunch for them and maybe I'll get some of their stuff cleaned up. It's like somebody set off a bomb in Santa's workshop. I'd love to get rid of some toys. I think that will be on the agenda soon. I also need to go through all my boys' clothes and "retire" the ones that are not fitting them and then bring out the ones that have been outgrown by someone but will now fit someone else. Endless cycle! I have been avoiding it because it is such a big job, but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and do it. Micah has a ton of clothes in his drawers that should have been retired a long time ago, and I think Jamie has some in storage that were Cody's but will fit him now. One day, when they are all past the youngest stage, I will be able to box up ALL the clothes and get rid of them. Not that I won't be sad to see some of them go, particularly the really small ones, but it will be nice to have some more storage space again too.

Micah is crying and needs some help. I'm off for now.

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