Monday, February 6, 2012

I wish I could explain, but there are no words.

Life with boys. It's hard to explain. Really, it is, and sometimes I wonder whether life with boys is a universal thing, or whether my boys are the only ones who do the things they do. I never had any brothers growing up. That's right, just two sisters. I have been a mother to boys for almost six years now, and I am learning as I go, but day after day they continue to shock me.

Maybe that's not true. Maybe I am beyond being shocked now. There is a sense of resignation that has come over times even a sense of futility. Don't get me wrong. I love my boys to pieces, and they make me smile and even bring me to tears of joy on a nearly daily basis. They are delightful and sweet, and each one is special in his own ways.

But my house! Oh, my poor, poor house. Nobody told me how destructive boys are. Seriously, I thought my rabbit was bad, chewing up electrical cords, tearing up the carpet in our apartment, chewing the back of the couch...Yes. Dear Oreo was destructive. But he didn't hold a candle to a team of three little boys.

I posted on Friday about our team cleaning effort, which went very well. Over the weekend, the boys cleaned all the toys in their room so it was "clean" too. (I have to put the word clean in quotation marks because the boys' room is never clean. It can be tidy, but the walls need to be repainted, and I would say the carpet needs shampooing too.) Anyway, I thought I would take some pictures of the scene I encountered yesterday in their room, just to show you what can happen in there in the span of one day, or more accurately, one hour.

In this first picture, you see how they have taken Jamie's mattress off and made it into a "slide", a frequent occurrence in their room. It is also often used as a bridge between the two beds. What is particularly noteworthy in this picture is the gaping hole in the box spring. No, that was NOT there before. In fact, that was what stopped me in my tracks as I was walking by. Not the mess, the chaos or the fact that furniture was being disassembled in there.

Above is a closer up shot of the destruction. I don't know whether you can tell from the picture, but the hole is about two feet in diameter. I daresay even Oreo would have been hard-pressed to make such an impressive mess in that short span of time.

Finally, a shot of the whole room, just to show you how beautiful it is. Keep in mind, an hour or so prior to this it was "clean". 

As I said in my title, there are no words that can adequately describe the chaos that is a constant in this house. It is exhausting. It is discouraging. It is amazing, really. Cody is nearly six and I have still not gotten through to him about this kind of thing. However, I think that can be attributed to what I call "mob mentality" in my boys. If Cody was an only child, or if he did not share a room, I suspect he would not be doing a lot of this stuff. But he has two brothers, and he shares a room with one of them, so I don't see things changing any time soon. As far as having a clean house goes, I will continue to fight a losing battle, at least for a while now. Their room is not the only place in this house that can get destroyed in less than an hour. 

Incidentally, Cody was the one who ripped the hole in the mattress. Perhaps he was retaliating for the incident a couple of years ago when Jamie ripped Cody's fitted bed sheet in half. I'm not really sure. The explanation I got was that some kind of toy fell and they thought it was in there. Maybe they have a future in search and rescue. Either way, this incident has put a damper on my plans (our plans) to buy the boys a new bed (a bunk bed) and to get them new bedding and mattresses. Is it worth it? Hard to say. I guess we will hold off a while and see whether we feel like risking it or not. 

And now I'm off to start the second load in what is going to be a laundry marathon today. At least then I will feel like I have accomplished something. 

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