Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An overdue announcement...

My posts in here have been infrequent lately. It isn't because there is nothing to write about. On the contrary, we have had countless ridiculous situations and terrible messes, and crazy little boy stunts to deal with. We have also had many bouts of illness and endless medical appointments. I suppose I should have said something a long time ago, but for my own reasons I didn't want to. However, perhaps it's time I share our news in this blog. I am pregnant. That's right, we will be having our fourth baby at the end of July, though knowing me it will more likely be in August. I am 19 weeks along, but if you had no idea and you know me personally, don't worry. We didn't share this news with our families until just over two weeks ago, so you are no more out of the loop than anyone else. We are very excited about our new addition, though we are now faced with the dilemma of trying to come up with another boy name, seeing we figure it will be another boy! We are not good at thinking of boy names, so it should be interesting to see what we come up with. Anyway, it seemed silly to leave this information out of my blog any longer, so there it is.

 This morning I have the Dynamic Duo, as Cody has school. It is good to be facing a quieter day. Hopefully they won't get into too much trouble today though that is always a possibility. I don't have much more to report specifically for now. Just wanted to clear the air.

It's another beautifully sunny day and my house feels cheery once again. Feels like it should be a good day. Hope you all have good days too.


Allison said...

Congratulations!!!! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy! You could always do a baby name contest for boy names :-) Allison

CAT said...

Thanks Allison. That's not a bad idea either, about boy name ideas. Hehe. Mike certainly is not much help in the naming department. He always turns it into a joke and suggests things like Methuselah...etc. Yikes.