Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Single Mothers

Motherhood is hard. At least, it is for me. Often I think of single mothers, who don't have a husband to relieve them for a while, even for a short while, when they get home from work. They do all the disciplining alone. They bear the sole burden when their kids are sick. They cook all the meals, do all the cleaning and do all the arranging and driving around for whatever school or activities their kids are in. On top of that, they have other jobs to pay the bills. They have to be in charge of the maintenance on their own vehicles, paying the bills on time, and if they live in a house, they are in charge of that maintenance too.  Somehow, over and above all that they have to raise their kids up right, putting their own needs second to those of their kids. That's a big load to carry.

Today, I begin the first of three days of being a single mother. It's not the same, because during that time I do not have to juggle a full time job, nor do I have to worry about vehicle or house maintenance, or even any activities, seeing Cody is not allowed to go to hockey on Friday by order of the doctor. But the rest is on me. I am already stressed out, and feeling very impatient. Micah has already spilled water all over the kitchen, and apparently he also peed his pants and did not bother to tell me. I am not sure whether that is true or not, as he got water all over himself. Either way, I am so frustrated I just put him in diapers. I can't deal with potty training today if he's just going to pee and not say anything. I was taking him to the bathroom at the regular time and his pants were totally wet. You couldn't tell by looking at them because they were fleece, otherwise I would have dealt with the issue sooner.

I did make muffins this morning, and have started a load of laundry as well as folded and put away another load, and hung my washed diapers to dry, so I suppose I have at least accomplished something today. But the truth is, my house is a disaster, and I just don't have the energy to fix it all. I fantasize about doing a massive cleaning job and getting this place spotless while Mike is gone, but it's not realistic. I have just enlisted the boys' help, as I will be vacuuming later this morning...or this afternoon, if we don't get enough cleaning done this morning.

When I walked into the kitchen this morning, there was a hockey net there. I mean a big, outdoor hockey net. Yeesh. They had gone outside and dragged it up the stairs and into the house, with the intention of setting it up in the basement. And Jamie has a really snarky attitude this week, which is unusual for him. Apparently it's a side effect of strep throat. He hates his medicine too. He calls it "spicy".

Now I am helping Cody to write his Valentines out so he can give them away at school tomorrow. He was too sick to do it yesterday. Today he seems mostly normal. His rash has improved a lot, and his glands are not as huge. His throat is also way better. Yay for antibiotics. I have to run so I can help him finish these valentines. Hopefully I won't have any overly "exciting" updates in the next three days.

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