Friday, February 17, 2012

A turn for the worse...

Last night I settled the boys into bed at 7 p.m. They all fell asleep quickly, and I must say, the evening felt very quiet and calm, in my very clean house, with no little voices and no demands. It was relaxing and nice. Unfortunately, just after midnight things went downhill. I was sleeping, of course. (I had retired to my room before 9 p.m., opting out of any TV for the evening and choosing to read and write instead.) Jamie came into my room bawling, again. I figured he had another bad dream. I asked him if that was the case. He said no, that he had barfed on his bed. Instant panic set in. Then he started coughing, so I told him to run to the bathroom. He said no, that he didn't need to puke again. Then he convulsed and I ran him to the bathroom just in time. Gross. He puked in the toilet for a while. When he was done, I cleaned him and the toilet up and told him to stay put while I checked his bed. I expected a small amount of barf. What I saw shocked me and freaked me right out. Nearly a third of his bed was covered in vomit, and there was some on the floor. The smell permeated the whole room. It was horrible. I set to work getting his bedding and pillowcase off and to the washer. Then I discovered his pyjamas were also covered, so I had him strip and I put those in the laundry too. It took a good half hour before the floor was cleaned up and the bed was ready for him, and I had to do all that by the hall light, as Cody was sleeping in the same room, of course.

I was very upset by the whole thing and started to feel panicky, as I tend to do whenever anyone throws up. First, I am alone. Mike is not here to help me out. Second, I didn't know whether he was allergic to his medicine, or what was going on. Was this a stomach bug on top of strep throat? I was awake for almost two hours with a pounding heart and stressful thoughts, followed by a sleep filled with stressful dreams. Thankfully, he did not get up again in the night, despite reporting that his tummy hurt when I put him back to bed. (With a pail.)

Today he has been fine, so far, but I had to take him to the doctor again. I hoped they would switch his medicine, but he told me it was just the strep doing it, and if he "only" threw up once it was "no big deal". Cody had one small barf with his strep throat. So did Jamie last time. Those were no big deal. What I cleaned up last night was a big deal.

Anyway, I am home again with all the boys and Jamie is still on his medicine, despite my apprehension about it. Mike will be home some time tonight, so at least if it happens again I will have help. But I don't want him throwing up again. I have a hard time when Jamie gets sick, because of what happened in June of 2010, when he got so sick and it got scary. Even now, he just told me he has a tummy ache. He is laying in my bed. As selfish as this is, I now worry that he will puke on my bed too. Again, I just want him well. I want all of my kids to be healthy, and so far we have not had that for even a single week this year.

I don't have much more to say today. I am stressed and upset. I hope and pray things will improve. I hope his medicine will not make him sick, and I hope the strep will go away already. He has had it for way too long. It worries me. He is so small and vulnerable. He is always my sickest child, and it just scares me. Even though he is the middle child, I think of him as the smallest because he's just skinny and little, at least compared to my other two, who are solid and strong and much healthier seeming in general. Jamie has eczema and is much scrawnier than his brothers and he doesn't eat much...etc. I just want him well.

I'm off for now.

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