Monday, February 13, 2012

A Weekend Away, With Everybody

We spent the weekend away, in a hotel, a rare treat for us. Well, a treat for the boys. We had a surprise birthday party for Mike's sister, which was held at a roller rink. I didn't even know they still had those! Jamie and Cody both went for it in their roller blades and it was a breakthrough for Jamie. He was flying around like a little pro and he was so happy. Now we want to get him on the ice so he can skate there the same way. He is more than capable, but has been a little timid about it all along.

Yesterday morning we got all three in the hotel pool, and Micah and Jamie both broke through their fears there too! Every time we have taken them into a pool they will barely even sit on the top step, and they both go into sheer panic if anyone dares carry them into the water. This time, they floated with their water wings and matching tubes around their waists, and they just swam like they owned the pool. It was Cody that required a lot of convincing to go in. I was so proud of them. They had such a blast, and it was a very special time for them.

Though our sleep was pretty disastrous, I must say the weekend was good for me too. I know I have been craving a weekend ALONE in a hotel, but it turned out that having our whole family together gave me a fresh appreciation for my boys. I was so thrilled to see them so full of joy in that pool, and there was also a giant play structure that they invaded. They got to just be free and have a blast, and as a result there were few of the clashes that we have been having on a regular basis. Instead, it was mostly just a fun, family time.

And now I'm starting this new paragraph about six hours after the last one. A lot has happened since then. On Sunday (yesterday) in the hotel Cody was feeling really yucky with a bad stomach ache and a headache. Later that night he said it hurt to swallow. I took all three boys to town today to get Cody checked by a doctor. Sure enough, he has a bad case of strep throat. Ugh. It feels like the cycle of illness is never going to end in 2012! I thought we were almost in the clear, but I guess not. Poor guy is not only in pain and has a high fever, but now he has to miss his Valentine's party at school tomorrow, plus hockey practice tonight and his hockey game on Friday evening. He doesn't know he is missing the game just yet, but he will be very upset when he finds out. It has been a long day even though we only went to one place. We were gone a long time because of a bit of a mixup at the pharmacy...etc. Now we're home and Cody has the TV on so all is quiet in the house. Hopefully things will improve soon. I'm glad I took him though. He needs these antibiotics, so I hope to see some improvement in him in the next two days. Now it looks like we will be planning our own little Valentine's party at home, so he doesn't feel as upset. I did make my cookies, so those will be coming out tomorrow! Hopefully I can think of something fun to do with them too.

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Jo said...

Glad you had a good weekend away. I haven't checked in on here for awhile and need to do some catching up. Read about your sickness too...guess I shouldn't mention that since moving here we can count our colds on 1 hand? Allergies were to blame in Mb we think. Praying everyone is healthy and happy soon!