Monday, March 12, 2012

Ahhh. Quiet.

I am at a hotel, sitting in a pile of pillows all by myself. No, I didn't take the plunge and get myself a room for the weekend. Mike was with me too. We came to the big city for a work-related event for him, and we had a hotel room paid for, so we left the boys with my parents (who also live here) and we got the evening to ourselves. In addition to that, I did not have to get up once in the night to calm a child with nightmares. That is not to say I did not have to get up at all in the night, haha, because at this stage of the game that is a given for me. But we left the boys at supper time and went out for supper together at one of our favourite restaurants, a place we went to on our very first Valentine's Day twelve years ago. We had a relaxing evening and now Mike is at his workshop and I am here alone. I have only a few things left with me to carry to the van in about 20 minutes and then I am meeting a dear sister-in-law to do a little bit of shopping before I go back to my parents' place to hang out until Mike is done. Then we will load up and come and get him, and head home.

It's a dreary, drizzly day here, but I don't care. I mean, sunshine would be nice, but it's just so amazing to not have anyone to take care of just for a few hours. I was up earlier than normal anyway, but I'm okay with that. It may not have been a lengthy or exotic getaway, but this was a lovely, refreshing time and I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have had this chance. I hope Micah wasn't too scared last night. He was the only one I was really worried about. I will find out later when I go see them!

Happy Monday to everyone.

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