Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby, baby!

Well, I think I'm about to drive myself crazy. I have spent most of my weekend planning and researching in preparation for this baby to arrive. Maybe a little soon to be this intense about the planning, but I seem to be in full swing nesting mode. I guess there are worse things. If there is anything I have discovered about myself in the last few years it's that I have an obsessive personality. When I was pregnant with Micah, I discovered cloth diapers. I got very excited and I began to research them, only to find that the amount of variety out there and the necessary learning was staggering. Yes, it was overwhelming, but instead of giving up, I dove in full force. I spent hours and hours every day online trying to learn as much as I could about the different kinds of diapers, what their advantages and disadvantages were, how many I would need, the cost involved, how in the world to use and launder them...etc. I could hardly think about anything other than cloth diapers.

Fortunately, once I got into the groove, the obsession lessened and I was able to begin acting like a normal human being once again. Except that once Micah was a few months old, Mike told me I could finally get my horse the following summer. What?? You mean I can now start searching the online classifieds day in and day out to see what kinds of horses are available in my area, the price range, what kind of fencing we were going to need, what kind of saddle to buy...well, you get the picture. I began an intense nine month process of extensive research and phone calls on potential horses for me, and even a few visits in person. Phew. The process was admittedly even more exciting than shopping for diapers. Diapers are cute and very practical, and oh so soft...but horses are, well, horses! I did not spend any of my childhood dreaming of future cloth diapers, but I sure spent a great deal of time thinking about horses, and also a great deal of time riding them, seeing we had two. Once I bought Sasha, a mistake, by the way, I felt a little lost. What would I research now? Hm. Well, I could always continue looking at saddles, seeing we still needed another one. Secretly, I never stopped looking at the horse classifieds! And in the end, that was probably a good thing, seeing I now have to sell Sasha and I am very well acquainted with the horse market right now. If I can sell her, once I am in a position to buy again I will be much more informed, with years of research under my belt, not to mention experience. Broken bones experience, which has quite an impact on a person.

From cloth diapers to horses, I have managed to keep quite busy, mentally speaking, for a few years. Now, here I am pregnant again and that opens a whole world of possible obsessions for me! I am back to researching cloth diapers because some of mine have worn out and I will need new ones. Joy! Now I get to try new styles, and hopefully some really tiny ones for when this baby is first born. But more than that, we are planning a room for our three boys. They will all be sharing a room, at least for the first year of this baby's life, so we have decided to redo their room. It's only right. Their room is destroyed, and as much as it pains me to paint and decorate again in case they are equally destructive a second time, it just has to be done. So now we get to choose a theme, but not only that, we also get to choose paint colours and we will have to buy new furniture. Bunk bed research occupied a good solid week or two for me sometime in early February. I have put that on the back burner for now, but it will rise again toward the end of this month. We have chosen bedding and a theme, and all of our bedding and accessories have now been ordered, as of this afternoon. Phew! That was the culmination of a few weeks of obsessing and one solid weekend (this one) of searching in great detail for the best possible deal on all this merchandise. Wow. This will be our most expensive baby yet! After all, we intend to do a nursery for this one. We have not done one since we did Cody's, and we want to pull out all the stops for this one. That means yet another room to choose a theme, bedding and paint colours. Fortunately, we don't need any furniture for the baby, so the nursery will be significantly cheaper than the boys' room.

Anyway, having said all that, my only other significant news is that tomorrow I will be 20 weeks, officially halfway through this pregnancy. (Though traditionally I like to extend mine much longer than the textbook 40 weeks. Hehe.) I have an ultrasound in the morning, which I am quite nervous about, but hopefully things will go well and we will get good news at our follow-up on Wednesday morning. For anyone who might wonder, they do not tell you the gender at our ultrasounds here. It's a very strict policy, so I will not be returning tomorrow knowing what we are having. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is entirely a matter of personal preference. I suppose there are advantages and disadvantages either way. It sure would be easier to plan and decorate a nursery if we knew, but on the other hand, we have never known before the birth and there is something pretty cool about that too. Either way, we do not have the option tomorrow, so as I said, there will be no huge update!

Now I think I have more than made up for my lack of posts in here in recent weeks. Phew. I must be in a really talkative mood. It's the adrenaline from all the obsessing. I'm not even sleeping at night. Seriously. So, on that note, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday, and I hope my bladder survives the trauma of the ultrasound. More on that later, for anyone who has not had the privilege of that experience. Bye for now.


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Haha Jo. Yes it's true. Crazy, or what?! We are very excited. Due July 23rd, just four days before Micah's third birthday. Hopefully they won't have to share a birthday.