Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Sunday, Dreary Monday.

After a gorgeous weekend of extremely high seasonal temperatures, today is dreary and drizzly, and I am finding myself altogether too affected by it. I am still in my pyjamas (it is nearly 9 a.m.) and I am sitting in my bed, completely uninspired. I do have a load of laundry on the go, which was a necessity, but other than that...nothing. I have not made my bed. I have no plan or even hopes for the day. I suppose that is not entirely true. I might run to the post office today to find out about pricing for mailing a package. But we'll see. With our very fast melt this year, our driveway is very precarious, covered in very wet mud and puddles, and now deep tire tracks. Our Subaru is an all wheel drive and has no trouble making it, but the van struggles, and I have to navigate the driveway today regardless. Cody will be getting off the school bus just after 3 p.m. and the driveway is way too waterlogged to make him walk on it.

I suppose it's okay if I have a day that is less productive. Yesterday I got a lot done. I took all three boys to town to shop for rubber boots and left Mike here to work on his homework. I am normally too gutless to take my whole crew in with me without another adult for backup, but yesterday it was necessary. I knew Cody needed rubber boots and also outdoor runners, seeing our weather has officially become too warm for winter boots. But I couldn't take just him because Mike needed to do his work and would not have been able to do it with the other two boys at home to watch. So off we went. I was quite nervous, but the trip was very successful and quite uneventful. Micah rode in the shopping cart nicely without complaining, as did Jamie. There were no fights, which is a huge miracle in itself. I got rubber boots for all three plus new outdoor runners for Cody and two umbrellas. (I couldn't justify spending the money for all three to have their own, but I knew Cody needed one for school, so I decided the other two could share one of their own.) Then I got some new socks for Jamie, whose current ones are almost all full of holes, and some new and adorable underwear for Micah. It's Tigger underwear, and it is seriously cute. I figured he needed more than his six pairs, so now he has nine. Much more convenient for these potty training days. He is doing great, but we still have accidents...some days more than others.

Then we got home and Mike took Cody to his wind-up hockey party, which was a game against his own team at the rink in our little town nearby. Meanwhile, I cleaned the kitchen and made a casserole for the potluck that was to follow the game. The sun was shining and the windows were open. Honestly, the day was amazing. We all wore t-shirts to town with no jackets and it was perfectly warm. I loved it. Oh, and I must also add that even though it was only March 18th, the stores were already running out of rubber boots. I was annoyed. I know we're having an early and weird spring, but still.

Anyway, the Dynamic Duo and I joined Mike and Cody after the game for the potluck and it was nice. We got to sit with the little girl that Cody has a crush on. (And it's mutual too, so really adorable.) And after the meal they did some awards. Cody thought he did not get one, after all the medals were handed out. But then they had some plaques, and Cody got the award for the player who treated everyone with respect and kindness on and off the ice. So he gets his name on this plaque and it gets put up in the arena where it stays for years and years. He felt really special, and I was so proud of him.

Well, my laundry has stopped so I have to pop it in the dryer, which is functioning properly now, and then put my next load in.

In a very quick update, Tabu is still not happy outside, though the last three nights we have brought her in the house to sleep, for which she is extremely grateful. I have put her outside again first thing each morning, so she is out there today and probably not too happy about it given the wet weather. It is not raining, but it obviously did overnight as everything is quite wet. Yes, I forgot to mention but we actually got a thunderstorm last night. Not sure whether I have ever experienced that in the month of March before. Very strange.

And, I did sell Sasha. But this is not the official update on that, because the person put a deposit down but has not paid in full and has not picked her up yet. That is supposed to be happening on Wednesday, so I will update properly once it is official.

I'm off to do more laundry. That always makes me feel like i have accomplished something. Bye for now.

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