Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last day!

Here begins the final day in our countdown of Masters madness. Mike is off to the university for the day one last time, and tomorrow we will finally get our one day of spring break. It is a cloudy day again and we are expecting rain yet again. Mike told me this morning we are seeing a significant rise in the water level below our basement, so the flood watch is on once again. It is hard to say at this point what is going to happen, but our pump is running pretty hard now and this is just the beginning of spring. Even with this past week's snowfall, we don't have much snow on the ground to melt, and that will help for sure. But if it is going to rain almost every day, as they keep saying in the forecast, we just might have a problem again this year. The thought is exhausting and discouraging. I guess for now all we can do is prepare the basement as much as we can and then wait and see what is going to happen. Just another reason why I am desperate for sunshine these days.

On an unrelated note, I just remembered I had a dream last night that my mother-in-law had a huge stash of Tim Horton's muffins and cinnamon buns hidden in a secret cupboard in her house. Haha. This is no reflection on her whatsoever, but I remember all the flavours and I counted all the muffins and there were just so many! They all looked good and right about now I am so hungry I wish I had that very same stash hidden in my house. I would love to get my hands on a cinnamon bun right about now. I don't even know whether Tim Horton's makes cinnamon buns. I'm super hungry, but I don't really want to eat this morning. I have been feeling a little off recently for no apparent reason. I can only assume it is pregnancy related. I am also having a major sciatica problem this morning and having trouble walking, so it will be an interesting day! I have a lot of laundry to do, so I'll probably have to get one of the boys to carry the basket to the laundry room for me. Silly. I'm not even in my third trimester yet.

I suppose I don't have much else to report yet this morning. If I can make it through this day, I get one day off. Well, sort of. I mean, Mike will be here. We might go on a family outing, but we're waiting to see how everyone is feeling. Jamie went to bed early last night with a headache and a stomach ache. I left a pail on his bed and a towel lining the floor beside his bed, just in case. But our night was uneventful...with Jamie. Not with Micah, unfortunately, who had an accident in his crib last night. Poor guy was so upset. We had to change his sheets and his clothes and get him all settled again. Thankfully, he was not up again after that, so we had a pretty good night. (The night before was disastrous with Micah and we have no idea why.) But I have a pretty good-sized load of laundry to deal with because of the phase of potty-training we are in.

I suppose I better drag myself to the kitchen for breakfast and make sure my crew eats something more than just yogurt. Here comes my youngest munchkin! Have I mentioned how cute this one is? He does me in. I'm off for now.

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