Friday, March 23, 2012

Let the games begin.

It's Friday morning. Outside, the air is absolutely still and thick fog surrounds our bare trees. Actually, it looks something like a scene from halloween, or a horror movie. It's dark in the house. Mike left an hour ago, not only for work, but also for the entire weekend. I will see him again on Sunday, though there is no telling what time of day, evening or night he will be back. When he left, he took Cody to drop him off at the bus so I put on a show for Jamie. Micah was sleeping, and I wanted to have a shower while I still could. I gathered my clothes and put them in the bathroom and then...nothing. The power went out. Seriously? This is what happens the second Mike leaves us for a whole three days? Okay, so it's not the end of the world. So I can't shower? Big deal. But wait, did our internet just get messed up too? And what if the power does not come back? What are we supposed to do here in the boonies by ourselves for three straight days without power??

I suppose I shouldn't have worried about that. At least, not then. The power came back on after a few long minutes. I had to call Mike to get our TV setup going again. (It's complicated. Everything technological around here is complicated.) But we did it. I even got to shower, and no, the power has not gone off again. Yet. It better not. The day feels incredibly gloomy to me. I don't even want to do anything. In fact, if I had no kids with me, I would simply crawl back into bed and stay there until the sun came out. Yesterday was so beautiful and I thought to myself, this won't be so bad. Having the boys all weekend with no backup will be great if the weather is like this. They can play outside and have a blast. Maybe we'll go to a playground or something. But then I checked the forecast again last night. What?? The high tomorrow is ZERO? And the next day three. Lovely. So, it should be an interesting time.

Tonight, we are all heading over to my sister's place to sell Sasha officially. I am nervous. I just want to get it done. I am not sure how I will react afterwards. I will be sad, yes. Definitely. But will I lose it and have an emotional meltdown while the guy is still there? I certainly hope not. Bad enough I have to drive all that way and drag the boys with me because I have nobody to look after them here. When we get back, I will have to fight all the grouchies to get them in the tub and ready for bed.

Oh, and here's a lovely thought for you. Yesterday, I found a wood tick embedded in Cody's head behind his ear. A wood tick. In March. That is seriously wrong. So ever since I have had the creepy-crawlies and I am preparing for the infestation, which lasts until late July around here. So starting in late March is a real bonus. Or not. Either way, nobody is skipping their bath, no matter how grouchy they might be.

I have done this before. Stayed home alone for a few days with the kids, I mean. And you know, I have always survived it. But this time, I just feel completely unprepared for this. I'm just not up for the challenge. I am burnt out, tired, and yes, I am also grouchy. I am hoping we can find some ways to make this weekend fun for all of us, but right now, I'm drawing a blank. To quote a Raffi song from my childhood, "Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. golden sun, please shine down on me." I hope this will happen soon. Right now, I need to go dry my hair. Then, maybe I will be inspired to do some kind of housework. Let's hope so, or it will be a terrible disaster in here by the time Mike gets back. I'd love to surprise him with a clean house, but at this point, survival is my primary goal. I guess I'm off for now.

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