Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not again!

I woke up this morning before 7 a.m., and I was done sleeping. I'm not sure I got enough, but no matter. I knew I needed to get up by 7 a.m. anyway to get Cody ready for school, so I got up and started my day. Cody was slow this morning, so it was a crunch to get him out the door on time to catch the bus at 7:40 a.m. but we did it. Then I got everyone else fed, seeing they were all up too. I don't know why we all woke up so early this morning. Mike was up at about 5 a.m. which is extremely unusual for him. It does not make me look forward to the time change this weekend, that's for sure!

Anyway, even though it is something of a gloomy day outside, for some reason I was inspired this morning to get my house all cleaned up. Maybe it's because I wasn't here all day yesterday and the house was so disastrous. Whatever the case, I got to work immediately, and before 8 a.m. I had already filled and started the dishwasher and started my first load of boy laundry, and made my bed and started the process of cleaning my room and bits and pieces of the other rooms in this place. I was feeling pretty good, and figured at that pace I'd have this place sparkling by the afternoon for sure.

That didn't happen. I fizzled out somewhere before 9 a.m., which is okay, I suppose. I figured I would take a little rest and then get back at it. Indeed, I did manage to start my second load of laundry and fold the first load, and even start a third load in the washer when I put the second one in the dryer. I even unloaded the dishwasher and began filling it a second time.

But not long ago I went to check the laundry situation, feeling pretty good about how much I was going to accomplish today, and I discovered the dryer has quit. Now I guess I did not write about this a few weeks back, but our dryer quit back in mid-February too. Thankfully, it happened AFTER all the yucky sickness had passed, but it was still a problem. I have only one laundry rack for drying, which I normally use for cloth diapers, so it is a stretch to get a full load of laundry hung on there. We went about three days with no dryer, and believe it or not, I normally do laundry almost every day, even without the cloth diapers. Our clothes and towels were very crunchy from hanging to dry, and of course it took longer, plus I always had this rather ugly bunch of laundry hanging in my living room in front of our big window so it would catch as much sunlight as possible.

Mike spent many hours disassembling the entire thing and figuring out what was wrong. It was great, because in the end he fixed it and we once again had a dryer. Of course, there were a couple of issues that still needed to be dealt with. For example, I think maybe the hose was not on properly because our tiny laundry room was instantly transformed into a rainforest climate, and was nearly unbearable to go in. But, I still had a dryer that worked.

Today, when the second load was in the dryer and the third one was completely soaked in the washer, I discovered that the dryer had completely quit once again. Oh boy. Well, once upon a time I would have pulled it apart myself, but right now I am 20 weeks pregnant and not really in much of a position to be hauling heavy appliances around and taking them apart. So I will have to wait. I called Mike. He told me the part he bought last time was $50. If the same part broke a second time, that's going to start getting pricy. It has only been working for about three weeks now. Maybe more like two, I guess. Oh dear! I just looked at a calendar and it turns out it has only been fixed for a week and a half. I'm not even sure what we are going to do about this. We can't really buy a new dryer right now. We have a million other expenses to contend with. But I can't really expect to keep up with the laundry with no dryer either. Maybe I just need to buy another laundry rack to hang our stuff on. It might just come to that.

Oh well. I suppose these are the things that keep life exciting. Ugh. And now, the boys have gone deadly silent. I better find out what they are doing or things will get even more exciting around here.

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