Saturday, March 24, 2012

One day down, two to go.

We went to Andrea's yesterday at 5:45 p.m. and Sasha's new owner was waiting there with a woman that I'm assuming was his wife and also another man. Sasha looked really pretty, tied to the fence wearing a red halter and a red lead line. I took the boys over to say goodbye, which was an extremely unemotional affair. They don't really have any attachment to her, despite Cody's protests about selling her. I gave her some rubs on the face and she was sweet to me, which maybe made it worse. Then we gave them some space and they loaded her right up. Of course she gave them no trouble at all. The woman assured me she was going to be in good hands, and that did help me to feel better. So, they left with my horse who is no longer my horse, and I stood there with my wad of cash in my pocket. I did not cry, though I came close once she was in the trailer. I am no longer a horse-owner. I mean, we still have Maybelline, but technically she is Mike's, so I don't know whether I can count her or not. She was upset to see her "friend" loaded into the trailer and apparently was whinnying all evening after that. She is a very social girl. It's really cute. A little silly, seeing she has never really had a good relationship with Sasha. Maybe she feels the same way I do. I didn't have a good relationship with Sasha either.

I got the boys back home at about 7:15 p.m. or so, and got them all bathed, read a story and tucked them all in. Settling them wasn't too bad. Micah had to get up almost immediately to use the potty, but that was a good thing. After that he was out like a light. The other two...not so much. They didn't stop talking and thumping around until almost 9 p.m., which kind of bothered me, but they stayed in their room so I decided to leave it.

The night itself was interesting. I didn't get settled until almost midnight, because at first I couldn't sleep, thinking about Sasha, and wondering about Mike traveling on the yucky roads out in the boonies. Then I was drifting off when Mike texted me to tell me he had arrived safely. Whew! I was relieved to hear that. So I went to sleep. And then Micah had a nightmare. Ugh. I hauled myself out of bed and comforted him and took one of my million bathroom breaks while I was up. Then I went back to bed.

I was dreaming that someone used a giant loader and dumped a thousand pounds of marbles on our roof when I woke up next. It was pouring. I mean, pouring, and there was lightning and thunder and the whole works. The power was going on and off and it was just ridiculous. All I could think about was the amount of water pouring down and what if our power went off and the sump pumps quit and the basement flooded? Technically, we are not in immediate danger of that happening, but my mind couldn't help but go there after last spring. I was up many times in the night, and all of them it was pouring. Now, our trees are literally covered in ice, and the drops are actually frozen like tiny icicles all down every little branch. It is freezing out, and gross. Ice covers both of our decks to a degree that I will not even dare set foot out there today. This is the kind of day I am extremely thankful to not have any horse-related chores to do. But if Andrea got this same kind of weather at her place, there are probably some very miserable and icy horses over there.

This morning was extra early, just for me, I guess. The boys were already up with all the lights on at 6 a.m. I was not impressed. I had to get up anyway, because Micah had an accident in his bed, which is very unusual for him, believe it or not. So I had to change his clothes and all his bedding because he was not ready to get up. Incidentally, it is not easy bending over a crib rail to put on a crib sheet when you're 23 weeks pregnant. Somehow I survived, and I gave in to the boys' request and put the tv on for them so Micah and I could both go back to sleep. It wasn't completely successful, (Micah started singing "the wheels on the bus go vound and vound..." at 6:30 a.m.) but at least I didn't have to get "up" up right then.

So that was our first night on our own. Sigh. It's too gross outside to really expect them to be out there much today, with huge puddles everywhere and mud and sand too. Oh well. Believe it or not, the sun just poked its head through an opening in the gloom and is illuminating our yard. Wouldn't it be fantastic if it decided to stay?! Well, that is unlikely, but we will make it through somehow. I'm glad we are not required to go anywhere today. I doubt I'd make it out our driveway after the amount of rain that assaulted us overnight. The driveway was already very rough. I wouldn't even attempt it now. I hope it dries up quickly or I'll be housebound for quite a while.

Laundry is my only plan for the day, and I'm okay with that. I did a massive amount of housework yesterday, so if I get more done today, great. Otherwise, I'm going back in survival mode. Here's hoping I don't have any crazy updates to give by the end of the day. Bye for now.

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