Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sad and happy pet news.

Living with animals brings with it a range of emotions and experiences. I have always been an animal love and to me, a pet is part of the family. We love them deeply and want what's best for them. Losing a pet is a devastating event and is something I dread from the moment I get a new pet.

This is on my mind today for two reasons. First, our cat Tabu (pronounced Taboo) has been giving us trouble for quite some time. She is coming up ten years old some time this summer. We don't know exactly when because we got her from the pound as a kitten and only guessed at how many months old she was. Same with our other cat, Cricket. Tabu has always been a very sweet and affectionate cat, and she is quite beautiful too, but she has had her quirks. We called her bulimic for a long time because she threw up nearly every time she ate. We never did get any answers as to why, but best we figured, she was eating too fast in a panic to make sure Cricket didn't get all the food. Well, the barfing is not cool, and it gets old pretty fast, but we are used to it and I would say it has even improved over the last couple of years. But recently, Tabu started peeing on our boys' things. If they leave their clothes on the bathroom floor after a bath, she has peed there. (Once for sure I caught her in the act.) And worse yet, she has been peeing on Jamie's bed. This has been extremely upsetting for us, but we got strict about leaving all the bedroom doors shut and I thought we were okay.

But yesterday I found Jamie's bedding all over the floor (that was his fault, as he removes it all every day. EXTREMELY annoying), and it was all covered in cat pee. I would venture to say that his mattress is ruined. Now that's not too devastating because we have to buy him a new one right away anyway, but the principle is still very disturbing. So yet again I had to bleach and launder all his bedding, and this without a properly functioning dryer. (Though it is partially fixed, so at least it runs.) For anyone wondering, there is a very distinct smell to cat pee, so it is an absolute certainty that a cat was the culprit and NOT a little boy.

So, Tabu got evicted yesterday. I am very upset about it, but we are going to have to try her a while as an outdoor cat. We are really not sure what else we can do for now. It is obviously extremely unsanitary to have an animal peeing on our beds, not to mention just plain gross. I feel terrible because I can hear her howling out there. And I worry about her too. We locked her in the dog's crate last night so she'd be safe from coyotes...etc. I am hoping she will adjust in time, and that I will too. Cricket is also upset, wondering why her friend is not coming in and why she has no one to curl up with at night. I feel like a horrible person doing this to her, but I don't know what else to do.

So that's my first bit of upsetting pet news. The other news is bittersweet, I guess you could say. Mostly it is a good thing, but my emotional self is a bit sad about it. I listed Sasha for sale again on Saturday and I have had a surprising number of people interested in her. I showed her to a young girl yesterday, and she was interested, and this morning I have to show her to a man who really seems to want her. So it is going to be a rushed day for me, but if I can sell Sasha, it will take a real load off of me, and Mike too. I obviously can't ride any horse right now, and if I could, it wouldn't be her. So we are paying board for a horse we can't use. Our horses are still at my sister, Andrea's place. We moved them out during our flood last year and have not brought them back. I doubt they will return this year.

Today will be a rushed day, but I guess we will find out whether it turns out to be worthwhile or not. Hopefully Sasha will be a good girl and not do anything silly or stupid when he is there. It was super windy yesterday, and she was really good, but sometimes they get crazy in the wind.

Anyway, I have to go so I can get ready. I will be leaving in about an hour and a half, but I have a lot to do before then. I will update on my Sasha situation once I know what is happening. It really would be amazing if I could sell her. Bye for now!

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