Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Wednesday has arrived, and was supposed to be something of a milestone day for me. Today was the day I was scheduled to meet Sasha's buyer and collect the rest of the money for her and send her on her way with him. A day that promised both tears of sadness, and also relief. But now he is not coming least, not this morning, as planned. In fact, we do not have a solid plan anymore. This is making me nervous. I am probably overreacting, but the tension is building in me with every day I still own her, given that I have turned away about four or five other interested buyers because this man put a cash deposit on her. I'm sure everything will be fine, but part of me keeps thinking he will back out some how, and it is making me a little bit stressed. He might want me to meet him in the evening instead, which will be awkward, as I will not have my sister there to help me and I am still being extra cautious about going in the pen with all the horses when they are in their spring "silly mode". I'm sure nothing would happen, but I just don't want to take any chances with this baby. On top of that, he might want me to come Friday evening, which is good in a way. Andrea will be available that night, but the problem is, Mike will be away, so I would have to bring the boys with me. He is going away to a wedding so I will be on my own with the boys. Most of his family will also be there, so I won't have anyone around here who can watch them while I run out in the evening. So, I might have to take them out after their bedtime, which could be interesting.

Anyway, selling Sasha has been a task that has appeared impossible for almost six months now, so it's hard for me to believe this is really going to go through. It would just be one less thing I had to stress about, so the sooner we can make it official, the better. I guess I will just have to wait and see what this guy says about when he can make it work for sure. I hope it is soon. I will be very sad to see her go, but right now she is a financial burden we do not need. (She would be worth it, if we were able to use her, but right now we can't.)

So my only plans for the day have been thwarted and I am finding myself thinking "now what?". I should do a bunch of cleaning. But today I have a bad headache, perhaps brought on by two consecutive days of terrible sleep.

Well, ironically I just had to sweep the kitchen floor whether I wanted to or not due to a sudden parmesan cheese crisis that was brought to my attention. Now the house smells like someone has a sick digestive system. (That's how parmesan cheese smells to me. Yuck.) I guess it's time to sign off here for now. The Dynamic Duo are in full swing and there is no telling what they will do next.

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