Friday, March 9, 2012

Yay for Fridays!

Friday has arrived and is bringing with it temperatures above zero, which are expected to last all the next week! I am very excited about this because, well, I'm Manitoban, and we are obsessed with the weather. You would be too if you lived in a climate that was this unpredictable. Here is an example.

This weekend, on Sunday, we are going away. Just overnight, but this is still a big deal for us because we never go anywhere. Mike has a work thing on Monday in the big city, so his work is getting us a hotel for Sunday night. The day we leave home, Sunday, it is supposed to be 15 degrees here. That's Celsius, and let me tell you, that means we won't even need jackets. But the next day it will only be 5 degrees, cold enough to still justify wearing a winter jacket. It's confusing! How do we dress our kids in the van? This is that transitional time of year when I don't know how to dress Cody for school either.

But who cares about all that? Guess what the exciting part of my weekend is? On Sunday night, we are staying in a hotel...wait for it...(drumroll here............) without our kids. Hahaha! This is miraculous to say the least. My parents will be taking them overnight at their place and Mike and I will get an evening to ourselves. Okay, so we get every evening to ourselves, because our kids go to bed pretty early and they stay in bed. But this is different! We will be in the city with no kids to take care of. That means if we decide to go out, we can! We can just leave and go to a movie, or go out for supper...etc. Anything we want to do, we can just get up and go. In the morning, I will leave and go back to my parents' place and hang out there for the day with the kids. Then in the afternoon we will pick up Mike and head back home. It's a short trip, but it means a real date night with no real curfew. Of course, Mike will have to be at his conference, or whatever it is, first thing in the morning, so odds are we will not be up late. But that doesn't matter! The point is, we CAN. Hopefully the kids will do all right sleeping over without us. None of them have ever done that anywhere. I am guessing they will all be fine except for Micah, who wakes up every night with nightmares even at home.

Oh, and the best part for the kids is that we are taking them to the hotel first, for the check-in time, so they can swim in the pool before going back to Grandma and Grandpa's! They are super excited about it. I just hope nobody gets sick this time around!

My only other Friday news is pregnancy related. My due date has changed, so that makes me officially 21 weeks today. I had an appointment on Wednesday during which I found out that both of my ultrasounds yielded good and normal results, so looks like things are on track with this very strong, active baby. Hopefully now I can relax a little!

I have no earth-shattering plans for the day. I had a play date scheduled, but it fell through due to sickness issues. Now my only big plans are to drive to the post office to pick up the mail, which will likely consist of a few fliers and that's it. But I'm excited to go anyway, just to get out of the house for a little bit.

Uh oh. Fighting kids. Crying boy. Time to go.


Lauren said...

Our climate is unpredicitable in a different sense. It was in the 70's today... INSANE! It's going to be HOT by the time July gets here. We bought a sled in hopes we might get to sled down our hill, but we had less than an inch of snow all winter.

Lauren from TN (followed you here from BBC)

CAT said...

I wonder whether that is a trend in many places this year. Today it is supposed to be 16 C here, which is 60.8 F. This is not typical of March in Manitoba. Tomorrow is supposed to be higher yet. I'm wondering if we might also be in for a very hot July. We did not get much snow all winter either. Hopefully we won't get hit with a surprise blizzard yet this spring!