Monday, April 30, 2012

Losing my mind.

Today is the very embodiment of what a Monday should be. It started with not one, but two boys (the older two, of course) getting up at 5:45 a.m. Wait...let me back up a bit. Maybe I should start with the round of insomnia by our sweet two and a half year old, which commenced somewhere between 3 and 4 a.m. He decided he wanted to play, and he cried and shouted it at the top of his lungs with incredible persistence. That led to my own round of insomnia, which was accentuated by a ridiculous number of bathroom trips, a very sore body, and violent kicking by the baby. Apparently Mike was also affected, as I'm pretty sure he took the iPad and left the room sometime before 4 a.m. I am not clear on when he returned.

THEN, at 5:45 a.m., Cody and Jamie decided it was day time, and got up to loudly make breakfast. Cereal. They turned on every light in the house and turned on their loudest voices, and if anyone out there knows Cody, his loud voice literally hurts the ears. Badly. Mike went out there and lectured them, I think, and then I went out and did the whisper yell. There were threats and very strong warnings, and I turned all the lights off. I told them after they ate they were to go back to their beds, leave the lights off and be quiet. Ha! Yeah, right.

I'm not sure what time Micah got up. It was before 7:30, but I'm not sure by how much. Now, I am dealing with grouchy boys...especially my oldest, who has already reduced me to tears, hence the reason I have retreated to my room for a temporary hiding session. I am hoping to regain at least a tiny portion of my sanity in here, though I still feel like exploding. My boys will NOT clean, and seem to refuse to obey me and I have had enough. The latest is that Cody will not clean up his toys in his room. Great. So he's on his way outside, just because that's what he feels like doing. Fine. He can go. While he is gone, I will be taking every last toy out of his room and it will be confiscated. I would even be looking forward to it, except that it means I have to sit on the floor, and as pathetic as this is, that means pain for me, and it also means I may never get up. Okay, it's not that bad. I can get up again, it's just awkward and terribly painful. Ridiculous, I know. But it will be worth it to take these toys into my own hands. I am so sick of the mess in this house. I am sick of the toys everywhere. On Saturday I had the hallway completely clear and vacuumed, along with the living room. A few short hours later, the whole place was booby-trapped and Mike even put his foot right through a clear plastic bin that was in the hallway that he didn't see. (It was getting dark and we had just tucked in the boys. Dark in the hall, anyway.) I just could not believe it. It's like cleaning is completely useless. On days like today, everything feels completely useless. I'm very angry with my oldest for his rotten attitude, though his sleep habits leave no doubt as to where the attitude is coming from. He is shouting and bossing everyone around, including me, and I am just so worn out.

Oops. This is turning into a bit of a vent. I am sure I sound like a pathetic parent. I feel like one too. The truth is, our boys get plenty of consequences for their bad choices and attitudes, but it just doesn't seem to do anything. Once again I find myself wondering whether the Supernanny could help. It sounds like they just all left the building. I have to come out of hiding now to make sure everyone is okay, and to make lunch, which they probably won't eat, because every day I make food for them and Jamie eats about three bites, says he is done and then is a bag all day from being grouchy because he is so hungry. I don't even want to enter the kitchen because when they took the brown sugar this morning (yes, they did), they spilled it all over the floor, which is now terribly sticky, and is also covered in bread crusts, and was covered in banana peels too before I forced Cody to pick them all up, so the floor is so grungy, I don't want to go in there.

Oh dear. This is like a vent of epic proportions. It's like I can't stop! There is more and more and more and it just keeps coming out! I have to sign off now before it gets worse. Don't worry. This is what Mondays are supposed to be. I'm sure Tuesday will be better. At least the sun is shining today and the weather is supposed to be pleasantly warm. That will help, right? I'm off to make lunch.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sometimes a house doesn't feel like a home.

Much has happened since I posted in here last. The most revolutionary thing was that I actually got to stay in a hotel myself. Yep. It finally happened. Well, sort-of. The thing was, I had a girls' night out, which was a momentous occasion in itself. We decided, seeing it was rainy and miserable outside, that we would get a hotel room together so we had somewhere to hang out without any of the kids...or husbands. Sorry guys. Haha. Mostly it was about leaving the kids behind, obviously. So we had a super fun time playing games, eating take-out and chatting in our lovely room, which cost a total of $25 each. Not bad, I thought. It turned out I was the only one available to stay overnight, and seeing we were not going our separate ways until 1 a.m., I figured for $25 I could skip the 40 minute drive home and just stay in a quiet room by myself. So I did! The night was not awesome in terms of how much sleep I got, seeing I did not drift off until just after 2 a.m., and of course there were potty breaks, as there always are these days. But the morning was absolutely wonderful. No fighting kids. No kids playing hockey loudly. No kids begging for food, or iPads, or anything else. In short, no kids. It was quiet and so relaxing, and seeing I was in town already, I got to go do some errands that I have been wanting to do for a long time, with no kids in tow. The weather was beautiful and I felt completely refreshed and relaxed.

That was Friday night and Saturday morning. Now, it is Sunday evening, and things have gone downhill. I don't know how much I have mentioned in here, but we are still in a predicament here with flooding issues, and it is heaping quite a bit of unwanted stress onto our heads. We have been seriously considering and looking into the possibility of moving our whole house. The idea is both inviting, and extremely stressful. Not only would that be a huge (and potentially impossible) endeavour, but the financial strain would be oppressive to say the least. We are running three pumps right now to keep the water out of our basement, even though by all appearances we are practically in a drought this year. What is not visible on the surface is the water table under the ground, which is currently higher than the bottom of our basement. So we have been dealing with that, plus a week or two back our septic pump broke, which caused several late nights of stress and stink. Why do I mention that? Because now, just as Mike is working on the bunk beds he is making for Cody and Jamie, something has gone wrong with our septic again. This time, he doesn't know what the problem is. I can tell you that it stinks in our house, and I am more than a little upset about this. Will we have to call a plumber and pay thousands of dollars to remedy whatever the issue is? Will we have to leave the premises? Will I be able to flush toilets, wash dishes or do laundry tomorrow? I just don't know. And I have to say, enough is enough. We already have enough to deal with. We don't need this right now.

Of course I know that nobody ever needs or wants this to happen, but it makes me mad. It makes me feel like our house is betraying us. I know that's completely irrational. But our basement was rendered unusable last year by the horrible flood. We now officially have only half the square footage in this house that we planned for when we built. And that's with a fourth baby on the way. So now three boys will have to share a bedroom, and one baby will have his or her own room, at least for a time. It is doable, yes. But it's like we are trapped here, in this place that is not on our side. We don't know what to do. Is it possible to move the house to the hill where we want it? Maybe. Maybe not. It's looking very much like "not" right now, but that has yet to be confirmed. And if we can't move it, will we have to live like this every year? These are some of the questions on my mind these days. And it's hard not to think about all that when all I can smell is sewage.

So forgive me for that little rant. All in all, I did have a nice weekend. It's unfortunate that it is ending this way. I do hope and pray that Mike will be able to fix whatever the issue is with the plumbing. If he can't, I don't even know what we will do. Hopefully I will have a positive update on this later in the week. I'm off for now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A late start to the week.

Today feels like Monday in this house. I guess on Monday we were here and Cody went to school, as usual. The difference was, I spent the day packing our things so we could go to the big city directly after school was over. When I say "we", I do not mean Mike and I and our boys. I mean, me and all three boys. Alone. That's a three hour drive, and at six months pregnant that is already a stretch for me as far as not taking a bathroom break, but alone, I believe I could have managed. The problem was, I had three boys along, including a potty-training (almost trained) two and a half year old, who rarely goes more than two hours without using the toilet.

I have to admit, I cheated and put him in a diaper...and a disposable one at that. I didn't think there was any point using a cloth one because if he wet it, I'd have only one diaper to wash, which is kind of a waste of a laundry cycle. I figured he wouldn't be too upset if he wet a diaper on the way, but I guess I needn't have worried. Jamie was the one who consistently (and loudly) announced his need to "go", and his timing was impeccable too. On the way there, we had just passed a gas station and restaurant with a bathroom when he announced. Great. So I asked the inevitable question. "Do you need to pee, or poop?" Because if it was just pee, well, he's a boy, right? I figured I could pick any spot I wanted and pull onto a service road and he could go. But it was not just pee. He had to do it all. That meant I had to hope another station came along fairly soon, and when I got there, I would be dragging all three of my boys into a women's washroom to take care of business. So I did. It only took about fifteen more minutes to get to a stop that has a family-style bathroom (like a one-room deal instead of stalls), so out we all got and filed in. I spent the seven or eight minutes we were in there stressing about who was touching what germ-laden surface and trying to make sure all the pee stayed in the toilet. I had to put Jamie on and then Micah, all the while trying not to pee my own pants. Fortunately, nobody peed their pants. I washed everyone's hands and then we filed out to the van where I used hand sanitizer on everyone. It was necessary.

Our stay at my parents' place was relatively uneventful, other than Cody refusing to go to sleep before 9:30 p.m., which stressed me out to no end. He had already had two late nights in a row and the following morning he was to have an eye appointment with a specialist at an early hour, followed by the long trip home and then school this morning. But we made it through all that and we left the city at 12:30 p.m. I had lots of snacks along, which kept them busy for a little while. My biggest challenge was staying awake on the drive. I was going as fast as I could without being in the "ticket zone", and I did not stop anywhere. No gas. No food. I didn't care. I just wanted to get home. But sure enough, Jamie announced his need to "go" once again just past a gas station. The same one as on the way out, incidentally. Unfortunately, this time it was the last stop for 45 minutes, and I was not sure whether he would make it. So I pushed onward relentlessly, watching him anxiously in the mirror.

In the end, we made it all 45 minutes, and then we all used the bathroom again in a restaurant. All except Cody, who can go upwards of 12 hours without ever going. I envy him.

So now, we are home and today feels like Monday. I am catching up on laundry and cleaning, though it seems I am always trying to "catch up" and never quite seem to get on top of things. I guess that's okay. Cody is at school, so it will be a quieter day, though the other two never cease to find some kind of trouble to get into. This is what happened last week:

Apparently they thought it might be fun to get into my flour. I was thrilled. Just another day in the life of boy world. I had to laugh (to myself) and take pictures, despite being angry. It was funny, but irritating. 

And now I must tend to lunch. I just pulled four wood ticks off Micah. Yuck! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Septic Situations

The week has been an interesting one so far, starting with the weekend. Our septic pump broke down, and that is NOT a good thing. Mike has spent many hours working on it, and "fixed" it several times before it became clear that the pump itself was broken. So he bought a new one. And then it quit too. I guess there was some kind of switch apart from the pump itself that was also broken, so that had to be fixed.

If you're like me, you don't know much about septic pumps. Here is what I have learned. First, septic pumps are expensive. Second, when the pump ceases to pump, it doesn't actually quit. At least, ours didn't. It was still making a lot of noise, pretending to do its job, but in reality, there was nothing being pumped at all. Third, when your septic pump is not pumping, you have to stop running water to whatever degree you can manage, or else your septic tank will become overly full and there's only one place for it to get rid of its contents to make new for the new ones. That would be the basement floor. Yes. So it's very important not to flush unless necessary. Running the dishwasher or the washing machine are also out of the question. So is showering. So is hand washing the dishes. You get the picture.

So over the last several days, I have stood by and watched my kitchen counter pile high with dirty dishes, and I have forced my six year old to wear dirty pyjamas to bed because I did not do his laundry as I promised I would. I have also thought longingly about the shower, and I have been thankful that I have had nowhere to go. I should be equally thankful that Micah is now potty trained, thus eliminating the necessity to do diaper laundry every day or two.

Today, I am playing catch-up duty. The pump seems to be fixed for once and for all, so I am doing laundry and dishes, and yes, I even got to shower. On top of that, Cody is in school today so I just have the Dynamic Duo to watch. Though they find plenty of trouble together, they are still significantly less of a handful on their own than they are when their older brother is around, so Cody's school days are usually quieter ones around here. Usually. We are halfway through this one, and so far no major disasters. Just the usual stuff, like mass amounts of crumbs being dumped all over the kitchen floor right after I do a huge cleanup of the mess that has accumulated there over the last day or more. That's their job. To undo any and all cleaning that I do. They are good at it. They are doing it right now, so I have to run and do damage control. Good thing tomorrow is Friday.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Busy day

I am happy to report that it looks like we are finally past this stomach bug. Today, we went after lunch to the small town where Mike works, about 20 minutes away, to watch Cody and his school mates perform in their choir in the local music festival. I remember going last year, when Jamie was only three and Micah was only one and a half, and it was super stressful. Micah kept trying to climb the stairs onto the stage and I was chasing him non-stop. By the end he was crying and throwing a fit and I had to haul him out of there. Very embarrassing. This year, it was much easier! Mike's parents both came and Mike popped in too to watch, and Jamie and Micah both sat wide-eyed and stayed quiet the whole time. So, that expression "It gets easier" that I have heard so many times is actually true! Well, sure we're adding another baby to the mix, but with the older three all being that much older, it shouldn't be as bad as it was when Micah was born. Or so I keep telling myself. Haha.

Now we're home and other than being grouchy from the long day, the boys are all doing fine. I am so thankful. I am also doing fine, though I feel more like I am a week from my due date than a week from the beginning of my third trimester. I told Mike today that every time I bend over I have a contraction. Yeesh. I don't remember it being like that with the others, but maybe it was. So it will be interesting to see what the third trimester will bring. Looks like it will be an uncomfortable one. That's okay. I know it's all worth it, as long as this baby is healthy and safe.

It looks like a storm is blowing in. The house suddenly got dark and the sky is quite grey in the west. The wind is psycho today, but it was warm and sunny. No more. Interesting. Ah, yes, I see we are in for some rain now.

I just looked over this blog from a year ago today, (well, tomorrow, actually), and the fields down the road were completely underwater. This year, they appear to be bone dry. I'm thankful for the difference so far in our spring, though we are still in a somewhat precarious position, should it decide to rain and rain and rain like it did last year. I just needed that reminder so I could have something else to be thankful about right now. Time for me to sign off for now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day nine...

Day nine of the stomach bug in our house, and my sanity is slowly crumbling. Or maybe not so slowly. I thought we were nearly through it today, but at the end of the day Micah got much worse again and requested to be put to bed at around 6:30 p.m. Cody did go to school today, despite complaining this morning of a tummy ache, but he seems to be normal still. I think he had a case of the nerves, having been away from school for two weeks and being a little out of the routine. But Jamie still had bad stomach aches all day and also came to me at 6:50 p.m. and asked to be tucked in.

I am home alone with them now, as Mike is at a meeting. The house is quiet except for the dishwasher and the laundry, but I am a mess. How many more days can this drag on? My little boys are sad and in pain, and I can't bear it any longer. I want my happy, energetic boys back. I remain thankful that I have not caught this bug, though I have managed to reincarnate my eczema by scrubbing my hands at least 50 times a day in scalding hot water. They are covered in itchy blisters now, but I don't care. I'd prefer that to the stomach sickness, so it's worth it. But I am utterly helpless to help my boys. I am hoping by the end of tomorrow they will be over it. It has been five straight days for both of them, and Cody's lasted six straight days, so perhaps there is a chance the end is in sight and they will be feeling good once again soon. What is worse as a mother than watching your kids suffer and being unable to do a single thing to take away their pain?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Eight...

Today is day eight of the stomach flu in our house. It has improved, but Jamie and Micah are still in pain and have the runs. Finally, Cody is back to normal after six straight days of stomach sickness. Wow. It was a bad round. I am so thankful to say that, at least so far, I have not gotten it. Mike is back at work today, so I'm hoping we won't have a dramatic turn for the worse. I was also hoping to curb the TV time, but now they are watching Diego yet again. Wow. Once this bug is completely gone we are doing a full out ban on the TV for at least a couple of weeks straight. But for the moment, they are all quiet and happy, two of them sipping Ginger Ale, all in their pyjamas, and I am working on laundry and other fun things!

In truth, there is not much else to report for now. This sickness has pretty much taken over our lives over the last week. I am hoping it will lift completely by tomorrow because I had to cancel my doctor's appointment last week and reschedule it for tomorrow due to all the sickos in this house. I don't really want to postpone it again, but I will if necessary. Perhaps I will try working on my book a little bit today, seeing I have slacked off on it so badly! I wanted to finish the rough draft by the end of February, but now it would be nice if I could just finish it by the time the baby comes. I'm still stuck on chapter 19! So, I'm off for now.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dark Friday

Today is Good Friday. Why do they call it that? I know what Jesus did for us was good. More than good. The most amazing thing anyone has ever done for anyone. But wouldn't Easter Sunday (or Monday, not sure which one technically) have been the "good" day? When He rose again and defeated death? Friday would have been a day of darkness, and maybe even despair, for many.

Our Friday is dark too. It is trivial, of course, compared to that day, but today ours is a yucky Friday. Micah was up all night throwing up. We did four loads of laundry through the night. Mike even had to shampoo our carpet in the living room before we went to bed. Then it turns out Jamie also threw up through the night, but he's such a pro at it, we didn't even know. He just uses his pail and goes back to bed. But he threw up in the kitchen this morning by accident because, like everyone else, he can't keep any water down. Then Cody got up complaining of a tummy ache. Mike made him toast and told him to eat. He came in our room not long after and said he couldn't eat any more, his tummy hurt too bad. Then he covered his mouth and I had to yell at him to run out of the room. He threw up all the water he had just drank. I don't even know what to think of that. I thought he was getting better, but obviously not. He is SO skinny. I can see all the bumps of his ribs down his sternum, his hip bones are jutting out, his shoulders...etc. Cody is a very solid kid, so it's shocking to see him looking so frail. Now, Mike is sick too. I don't even know whether I am or not. I felt funny all night, but I was having contractions too, and those make me feel weird. Plus the baby went psycho on me and it felt like I had a pinball game going on in there. I was hoping Micah and Jamie would go through this quickly, but Cody's relapse doesn't give me much hope. I don't know what to do about him. And I'm so scared I'll get this and something will happen to the baby.

So that's our lovely update for the day. I wish I had a better one. I'm hungry but too scared to eat, and too scared to drink, seeing nobody seems to be able to keep any water down. I've been obsessive with hand-washing, but has it been enough? I guess I'll find out. I'm off for now.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Diaper Conversion

I mentioned yesterday that I intended to take on a project with some of my cloth diapers. Well, I did it. I have six bumGenius one size pocket diapers, two of which are brand new and four of which I used with Jamie and Micah. BumGenius diapers are some of the best out there, but the ones that close with velcro are notorious for having that velcro wear out. Then the diapers will not stay fastened, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that is going to be a big problem.

A few weeks back I looked into finding someone online who could convert them into snap closures instead of the velcro. I found someone who looked good, and I prepared to ship my diapers to her. But, being in Canada, it costs a bundle to ship anything anywhere, no matter how light it is. Once I discovered the total it was going to cost me, I said forget it. I decided I would bite the bullet and buy the equipment to do it myself. I bought something called snap pliers from a site called, and got 300 snaps with it. I figured if I was spending the money, I might as well get lots of snaps so I could use them for other projects in the future. Two days ago, I finally got my snap pliers and snaps from the post office. Here is what they look like.

They came with a screwdriver so I could switch that little black piece for different size snaps, and also with the sharp pokey tool with the bone coloured handle, called an awl. It's for poking holes in the material where you push the snaps through.

So I spent Tuesday removing the velcro from three out of four of my diapers. It's a bit of a chore, so I didn't get them all done. Here is a picture of the one I hadn't done yet, just to show you where the velcro goes.
The next picture shows one of the diapers after the velcro was removed. You'll notice there are snaps on the front of it, but they all come like that. Those are so you can fold the diaper down and snap it to smaller sizes. That's how the one size option works for bumGenius diapers. You might not be able to see those snaps because they match the fabric perfectly!

So, with much fear and trepidation, I followed a YouTube video of instructions on how to replace the velcro with snaps. It was scary only because I had the potential to ruin the diapers, and they are not cheap. They cost on average about $24 each in Canada, and while that saves a lot of money in the long run because of not having to constantly buy more diapers, if I had to replace four now that would set me back over $100 with shipping and taxes. As I mentioned yesterday, I will not be doing this post as a tutorial, because there are plenty online that are good. I'm just going to show you the results of what I did! Here is my first diaper with the new snaps on.

Below is a closer up shot of the rows of snaps I put across the top front of the diaper, where the large strip of velcro used to be.

And next is a closer up shot of one of the "wings", the tabs you use to close the diaper.

Okay, now below is a shot of the brand new bumGenius 4.0 diaper that has velcro, beside my newly converted bumGenius 3.0 with snaps. The 4.0 looks smaller, but that's because it's set to the smallest setting right now so the snaps on the front of the diaper do not show.

 And finally, a closer up shot of my handiwork. 

Sadly, it took me close to five hours to complete the first diaper, and that doesn't even count the time required to remove the velcro, which I did the day before. But I am extremely pleased with the results. I am not posting pictures of the other ones, but they turned out well too. The light green was the only one that I had snaps to match the colour exactly, so it looks the most professional, I think. 

Anyway, I was thrilled to finally be able to tackle and complete a baby-related project, and now I have four more diapers that I can use hopefully until this next one is potty trained. We'll see. I will not be converting my two brand new ones until their velcro dies. I figure I might as well use it while it's fresh. The velcro is very fast and easy to fasten, which is handy. In fact, I would probably prefer it if it didn't wear out so fast. 

And just to update briefly on Cody, he is still sick, though is fever is now gone, or at least it is for the moment. The rest of us are still okay, except that Jamie and Micah have colds. Colds I can deal with. I am still praying we will be spared from whatever this horrible stomach thing is that got Cody. I'm off to tackle some housewifely duties. The dishes and laundry beckon, as usual.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diaper project

Cody is still sick, which I was not originally expecting. He is improved this morning, but last night he spiked a fever of 103F and it freaked me out. He woke up this morning with stomach pain, but his fever is completely gone for the moment, so hoping that means he is truly on the mend now. So far, his brothers are both fine, as are Mike and I. Still praying that will remain the case.

Today, I have something truly fun to do. Actually, it might be very stressful, but I'm hoping it will be a fun project and not end up a disaster. My snap plier that I ordered is finally here and I'm just itching to try it out. In case you missed that one, or in case I simply forgot to mention it, I bought this handy little tool so I could convert my BumGenius diapers from velcro closures to snaps. Anyone who has used them knows that BumGenius diapers are great but the velcro wears out far too quickly, and you can't very well use a diaper if it doesn't stay done up. Micah is pretty much completely done with diapers now, but with a baby on the way I have to make sure I have enough diapers to get me through this next round! I have four BumGenius, and I didn't want to let them go to waste. So, last night I removed the velcro on three of them in hopes I'd be able to actually complete one today. I am very nervous! Fortunately, there are many tutorials online, both in blog form and also on YouTube. I have looked at them before, and I know the process required. The only part that makes me nervous is figuring out where to place the actual snaps, and making sure I put the right part facing outward, if that makes sense. I have to make some kind of template so I can mark the spots where I want each snap. That's the part that makes me the most nervous. Once I poke holes in the waterproof part of the diaper, I'm kind of committed. I hope I will not ruin any of these. They are pricy, though worth it, if they last as long as they are supposed to.

I will probably do it extremely slowly, out of sheer paranoia, but I am just so excited to have an actual project to complete that is baby-related. I have been desperate to prepare for this little person, and my hands have been tied. Things are starting to get moving now. On Sunday we bought the lumber for our bunk beds, so I am hoping that project will be underway in the next week. Things have been a little thrown off this week with Cody being so sick. I'm hoping to take pictures of the process, and I will take before and after pictures of the diapers too. Just because I know you are all dying to see them. Haha. So this is just my preliminary post about my diaper conversion experience. I may give a step by step photo blog of the experience for tomorrow, but it will not likely be a tutorial, because there are good ones available online already and I don't know what I'm doing yet! Here's hoping I have a positive update tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Very sick Cody.

I wish I had good news today, but I'm afraid I do not. My newly six year old is very, very sick. That's right, the stomach ache that Cody started yesterday with has turned into something very horrible. He has been violently ill for more than 24 hours and he is still miserable and in a lot of pain. He threw up at least twelve times yesterday, and it was coming out the other end just as often. I did nothing but laundry all day and he still ran out of clothes to wear. Today, he has not thrown up yet, but his mouth and throat and stomach are all in pain. I am assuming his throat hurts from all the throwing up he did yesterday. He has no fever, which is good, but wow. I am wondering how much longer this could possibly last. The other two are still okay, though Jamie is very, very grouchy these days so I am kind of guessing he is next. I really, really hope not. Cody is missing school today and will likely miss Thursday too, which means he gets a two week spring break, I guess, seeing his school is only every second day. That's okay. There is no way I will send him unless he is completely back to normal and eating properly and feeling strong. I think it's going to take several days for that to happen after the amount of fluids he has lost in such a short time. He still has the runs today, though I don't know how that's possible because his system is so completely empty. If his stomach ache eases later I might let him sit outside for a bit of fresh air. We'll see. I hope it goes away. This morning he said to me, in tears, "This is the worst day of my life." (Who says boys can't be dramatic?)

I feel somewhat helpless as the mother. I can sympathize with him, but I can't take away his pain. I wish I could. I wish I could make him feel better, but I can't. All I can do is make sure his needs are met and pray for him. He slept most of the morning, which was good, and then he had a bath in hopes it would ease his stomach pain. It didn't. Now he is wrapped in a quilt on the couch watching some TV, with is pail nearby. I hope this won't last the rest of the day. I feel so bad for him.

I have no other updates to give. I hope tomorrow I will have good news. For now, I will continue trying to help Cody and trying to protect the other two from getting this.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Back at it.

Monday has finally reared its ugly head. Yes, ugly. In fact, it is cold and cloudy again with a lot of rain in the forecast when yesterday they were promising a sunny week with pretty decent temperatures. Whatever. I don't think they have a hot clue what they are talking about.

Our weekend was pretty full. Friday we went out all day to the winter fair, and we had a pretty good time. The boys enjoyed it, but we stayed way too late. We didn't leave there until almost 10 p.m., which we have never done before with our kids along. I was worried about getting sick from getting them so worn down, but we did it anyway. The next day was pretty much a disaster for me, but I won't get into it. Let's just say I had some very specific goals in mind for Saturday...goals that I have had for a couple of months already, and those all got completely thwarted that day. I didn't handle it very well, and then something else happened that really set me off, so basically my day was really bad. That's very vague. It's just as well. There is no sense in me dumping it all in here.

Yesterday was Cody's sixth birthday. We had Mike's parents over for a small party. Cody opened presents and we had lunch and "cake", which was actually a brownie, as per his request. Three of his cousins ended up there for about an hour after that, which was an added bonus, and then Mike's parents took all the kids back to their place to play some more for the afternoon so Mike and I could go to town and buy some bunk bed materials. So, we hauled all of Cody's new gifts over to the farm and off we went. We bought the lumber we needed and a little of the hardware, though we will still need to buy a little more, and now we are at least one step closer to getting going on the beds. My goal is to have the boys' room completed and them moved into it by the beginning of May. Here's hoping we can pull that off. Mike seems to think we can now that he has no homework. He feels like he has all the time in the world now. I don't share that feeling. I am proud of him for finishing his Masters, and I am happy for him that he is relieved, but I feel none of that same relief. If anything, my deadline is still looming. I have many projects to complete before this baby comes, and many of them depend on him in order to get done. This puts me in the undesirable position of having absolutely no control over when I get "my" stuff done. I don't like it.

And now, this morning, Cody is complaining of a bad stomach ache, so I am now wondering whether we are going to get hit with a stomach bug. I sincerely and desperately hope not, but I'm not sure what to think. It is not typical of him to have stomach pain. He insisted on a hot bath this morning for relief. Now he wants to watch TV. I told him he could lay in bed for a while first, but he wants to play hockey with Jamie. So I don't really know what to think. I know he is not lying about the pain. He doesn't do that.

I guess I'm off for now. I have a lot of laundry to catch up on this morning and it's pretty urgent. If you read this, please pray that we don't get a stomach bug now. I know it's going around, but I'm so desperate to avoid it. Ugh. Time to get started on my day.