Monday, April 2, 2012

Back at it.

Monday has finally reared its ugly head. Yes, ugly. In fact, it is cold and cloudy again with a lot of rain in the forecast when yesterday they were promising a sunny week with pretty decent temperatures. Whatever. I don't think they have a hot clue what they are talking about.

Our weekend was pretty full. Friday we went out all day to the winter fair, and we had a pretty good time. The boys enjoyed it, but we stayed way too late. We didn't leave there until almost 10 p.m., which we have never done before with our kids along. I was worried about getting sick from getting them so worn down, but we did it anyway. The next day was pretty much a disaster for me, but I won't get into it. Let's just say I had some very specific goals in mind for Saturday...goals that I have had for a couple of months already, and those all got completely thwarted that day. I didn't handle it very well, and then something else happened that really set me off, so basically my day was really bad. That's very vague. It's just as well. There is no sense in me dumping it all in here.

Yesterday was Cody's sixth birthday. We had Mike's parents over for a small party. Cody opened presents and we had lunch and "cake", which was actually a brownie, as per his request. Three of his cousins ended up there for about an hour after that, which was an added bonus, and then Mike's parents took all the kids back to their place to play some more for the afternoon so Mike and I could go to town and buy some bunk bed materials. So, we hauled all of Cody's new gifts over to the farm and off we went. We bought the lumber we needed and a little of the hardware, though we will still need to buy a little more, and now we are at least one step closer to getting going on the beds. My goal is to have the boys' room completed and them moved into it by the beginning of May. Here's hoping we can pull that off. Mike seems to think we can now that he has no homework. He feels like he has all the time in the world now. I don't share that feeling. I am proud of him for finishing his Masters, and I am happy for him that he is relieved, but I feel none of that same relief. If anything, my deadline is still looming. I have many projects to complete before this baby comes, and many of them depend on him in order to get done. This puts me in the undesirable position of having absolutely no control over when I get "my" stuff done. I don't like it.

And now, this morning, Cody is complaining of a bad stomach ache, so I am now wondering whether we are going to get hit with a stomach bug. I sincerely and desperately hope not, but I'm not sure what to think. It is not typical of him to have stomach pain. He insisted on a hot bath this morning for relief. Now he wants to watch TV. I told him he could lay in bed for a while first, but he wants to play hockey with Jamie. So I don't really know what to think. I know he is not lying about the pain. He doesn't do that.

I guess I'm off for now. I have a lot of laundry to catch up on this morning and it's pretty urgent. If you read this, please pray that we don't get a stomach bug now. I know it's going around, but I'm so desperate to avoid it. Ugh. Time to get started on my day.

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