Thursday, April 12, 2012

Busy day

I am happy to report that it looks like we are finally past this stomach bug. Today, we went after lunch to the small town where Mike works, about 20 minutes away, to watch Cody and his school mates perform in their choir in the local music festival. I remember going last year, when Jamie was only three and Micah was only one and a half, and it was super stressful. Micah kept trying to climb the stairs onto the stage and I was chasing him non-stop. By the end he was crying and throwing a fit and I had to haul him out of there. Very embarrassing. This year, it was much easier! Mike's parents both came and Mike popped in too to watch, and Jamie and Micah both sat wide-eyed and stayed quiet the whole time. So, that expression "It gets easier" that I have heard so many times is actually true! Well, sure we're adding another baby to the mix, but with the older three all being that much older, it shouldn't be as bad as it was when Micah was born. Or so I keep telling myself. Haha.

Now we're home and other than being grouchy from the long day, the boys are all doing fine. I am so thankful. I am also doing fine, though I feel more like I am a week from my due date than a week from the beginning of my third trimester. I told Mike today that every time I bend over I have a contraction. Yeesh. I don't remember it being like that with the others, but maybe it was. So it will be interesting to see what the third trimester will bring. Looks like it will be an uncomfortable one. That's okay. I know it's all worth it, as long as this baby is healthy and safe.

It looks like a storm is blowing in. The house suddenly got dark and the sky is quite grey in the west. The wind is psycho today, but it was warm and sunny. No more. Interesting. Ah, yes, I see we are in for some rain now.

I just looked over this blog from a year ago today, (well, tomorrow, actually), and the fields down the road were completely underwater. This year, they appear to be bone dry. I'm thankful for the difference so far in our spring, though we are still in a somewhat precarious position, should it decide to rain and rain and rain like it did last year. I just needed that reminder so I could have something else to be thankful about right now. Time for me to sign off for now.

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