Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Eight...

Today is day eight of the stomach flu in our house. It has improved, but Jamie and Micah are still in pain and have the runs. Finally, Cody is back to normal after six straight days of stomach sickness. Wow. It was a bad round. I am so thankful to say that, at least so far, I have not gotten it. Mike is back at work today, so I'm hoping we won't have a dramatic turn for the worse. I was also hoping to curb the TV time, but now they are watching Diego yet again. Wow. Once this bug is completely gone we are doing a full out ban on the TV for at least a couple of weeks straight. But for the moment, they are all quiet and happy, two of them sipping Ginger Ale, all in their pyjamas, and I am working on laundry and other fun things!

In truth, there is not much else to report for now. This sickness has pretty much taken over our lives over the last week. I am hoping it will lift completely by tomorrow because I had to cancel my doctor's appointment last week and reschedule it for tomorrow due to all the sickos in this house. I don't really want to postpone it again, but I will if necessary. Perhaps I will try working on my book a little bit today, seeing I have slacked off on it so badly! I wanted to finish the rough draft by the end of February, but now it would be nice if I could just finish it by the time the baby comes. I'm still stuck on chapter 19! So, I'm off for now.

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