Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diaper project

Cody is still sick, which I was not originally expecting. He is improved this morning, but last night he spiked a fever of 103F and it freaked me out. He woke up this morning with stomach pain, but his fever is completely gone for the moment, so hoping that means he is truly on the mend now. So far, his brothers are both fine, as are Mike and I. Still praying that will remain the case.

Today, I have something truly fun to do. Actually, it might be very stressful, but I'm hoping it will be a fun project and not end up a disaster. My snap plier that I ordered is finally here and I'm just itching to try it out. In case you missed that one, or in case I simply forgot to mention it, I bought this handy little tool so I could convert my BumGenius diapers from velcro closures to snaps. Anyone who has used them knows that BumGenius diapers are great but the velcro wears out far too quickly, and you can't very well use a diaper if it doesn't stay done up. Micah is pretty much completely done with diapers now, but with a baby on the way I have to make sure I have enough diapers to get me through this next round! I have four BumGenius, and I didn't want to let them go to waste. So, last night I removed the velcro on three of them in hopes I'd be able to actually complete one today. I am very nervous! Fortunately, there are many tutorials online, both in blog form and also on YouTube. I have looked at them before, and I know the process required. The only part that makes me nervous is figuring out where to place the actual snaps, and making sure I put the right part facing outward, if that makes sense. I have to make some kind of template so I can mark the spots where I want each snap. That's the part that makes me the most nervous. Once I poke holes in the waterproof part of the diaper, I'm kind of committed. I hope I will not ruin any of these. They are pricy, though worth it, if they last as long as they are supposed to.

I will probably do it extremely slowly, out of sheer paranoia, but I am just so excited to have an actual project to complete that is baby-related. I have been desperate to prepare for this little person, and my hands have been tied. Things are starting to get moving now. On Sunday we bought the lumber for our bunk beds, so I am hoping that project will be underway in the next week. Things have been a little thrown off this week with Cody being so sick. I'm hoping to take pictures of the process, and I will take before and after pictures of the diapers too. Just because I know you are all dying to see them. Haha. So this is just my preliminary post about my diaper conversion experience. I may give a step by step photo blog of the experience for tomorrow, but it will not likely be a tutorial, because there are good ones available online already and I don't know what I'm doing yet! Here's hoping I have a positive update tomorrow!

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