Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A late start to the week.

Today feels like Monday in this house. I guess on Monday we were here and Cody went to school, as usual. The difference was, I spent the day packing our things so we could go to the big city directly after school was over. When I say "we", I do not mean Mike and I and our boys. I mean, me and all three boys. Alone. That's a three hour drive, and at six months pregnant that is already a stretch for me as far as not taking a bathroom break, but alone, I believe I could have managed. The problem was, I had three boys along, including a potty-training (almost trained) two and a half year old, who rarely goes more than two hours without using the toilet.

I have to admit, I cheated and put him in a diaper...and a disposable one at that. I didn't think there was any point using a cloth one because if he wet it, I'd have only one diaper to wash, which is kind of a waste of a laundry cycle. I figured he wouldn't be too upset if he wet a diaper on the way, but I guess I needn't have worried. Jamie was the one who consistently (and loudly) announced his need to "go", and his timing was impeccable too. On the way there, we had just passed a gas station and restaurant with a bathroom when he announced. Great. So I asked the inevitable question. "Do you need to pee, or poop?" Because if it was just pee, well, he's a boy, right? I figured I could pick any spot I wanted and pull onto a service road and he could go. But it was not just pee. He had to do it all. That meant I had to hope another station came along fairly soon, and when I got there, I would be dragging all three of my boys into a women's washroom to take care of business. So I did. It only took about fifteen more minutes to get to a stop that has a family-style bathroom (like a one-room deal instead of stalls), so out we all got and filed in. I spent the seven or eight minutes we were in there stressing about who was touching what germ-laden surface and trying to make sure all the pee stayed in the toilet. I had to put Jamie on and then Micah, all the while trying not to pee my own pants. Fortunately, nobody peed their pants. I washed everyone's hands and then we filed out to the van where I used hand sanitizer on everyone. It was necessary.

Our stay at my parents' place was relatively uneventful, other than Cody refusing to go to sleep before 9:30 p.m., which stressed me out to no end. He had already had two late nights in a row and the following morning he was to have an eye appointment with a specialist at an early hour, followed by the long trip home and then school this morning. But we made it through all that and we left the city at 12:30 p.m. I had lots of snacks along, which kept them busy for a little while. My biggest challenge was staying awake on the drive. I was going as fast as I could without being in the "ticket zone", and I did not stop anywhere. No gas. No food. I didn't care. I just wanted to get home. But sure enough, Jamie announced his need to "go" once again just past a gas station. The same one as on the way out, incidentally. Unfortunately, this time it was the last stop for 45 minutes, and I was not sure whether he would make it. So I pushed onward relentlessly, watching him anxiously in the mirror.

In the end, we made it all 45 minutes, and then we all used the bathroom again in a restaurant. All except Cody, who can go upwards of 12 hours without ever going. I envy him.

So now, we are home and today feels like Monday. I am catching up on laundry and cleaning, though it seems I am always trying to "catch up" and never quite seem to get on top of things. I guess that's okay. Cody is at school, so it will be a quieter day, though the other two never cease to find some kind of trouble to get into. This is what happened last week:

Apparently they thought it might be fun to get into my flour. I was thrilled. Just another day in the life of boy world. I had to laugh (to myself) and take pictures, despite being angry. It was funny, but irritating. 

And now I must tend to lunch. I just pulled four wood ticks off Micah. Yuck! 

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