Thursday, April 19, 2012

Septic Situations

The week has been an interesting one so far, starting with the weekend. Our septic pump broke down, and that is NOT a good thing. Mike has spent many hours working on it, and "fixed" it several times before it became clear that the pump itself was broken. So he bought a new one. And then it quit too. I guess there was some kind of switch apart from the pump itself that was also broken, so that had to be fixed.

If you're like me, you don't know much about septic pumps. Here is what I have learned. First, septic pumps are expensive. Second, when the pump ceases to pump, it doesn't actually quit. At least, ours didn't. It was still making a lot of noise, pretending to do its job, but in reality, there was nothing being pumped at all. Third, when your septic pump is not pumping, you have to stop running water to whatever degree you can manage, or else your septic tank will become overly full and there's only one place for it to get rid of its contents to make new for the new ones. That would be the basement floor. Yes. So it's very important not to flush unless necessary. Running the dishwasher or the washing machine are also out of the question. So is showering. So is hand washing the dishes. You get the picture.

So over the last several days, I have stood by and watched my kitchen counter pile high with dirty dishes, and I have forced my six year old to wear dirty pyjamas to bed because I did not do his laundry as I promised I would. I have also thought longingly about the shower, and I have been thankful that I have had nowhere to go. I should be equally thankful that Micah is now potty trained, thus eliminating the necessity to do diaper laundry every day or two.

Today, I am playing catch-up duty. The pump seems to be fixed for once and for all, so I am doing laundry and dishes, and yes, I even got to shower. On top of that, Cody is in school today so I just have the Dynamic Duo to watch. Though they find plenty of trouble together, they are still significantly less of a handful on their own than they are when their older brother is around, so Cody's school days are usually quieter ones around here. Usually. We are halfway through this one, and so far no major disasters. Just the usual stuff, like mass amounts of crumbs being dumped all over the kitchen floor right after I do a huge cleanup of the mess that has accumulated there over the last day or more. That's their job. To undo any and all cleaning that I do. They are good at it. They are doing it right now, so I have to run and do damage control. Good thing tomorrow is Friday.

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