Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sometimes a house doesn't feel like a home.

Much has happened since I posted in here last. The most revolutionary thing was that I actually got to stay in a hotel myself. Yep. It finally happened. Well, sort-of. The thing was, I had a girls' night out, which was a momentous occasion in itself. We decided, seeing it was rainy and miserable outside, that we would get a hotel room together so we had somewhere to hang out without any of the kids...or husbands. Sorry guys. Haha. Mostly it was about leaving the kids behind, obviously. So we had a super fun time playing games, eating take-out and chatting in our lovely room, which cost a total of $25 each. Not bad, I thought. It turned out I was the only one available to stay overnight, and seeing we were not going our separate ways until 1 a.m., I figured for $25 I could skip the 40 minute drive home and just stay in a quiet room by myself. So I did! The night was not awesome in terms of how much sleep I got, seeing I did not drift off until just after 2 a.m., and of course there were potty breaks, as there always are these days. But the morning was absolutely wonderful. No fighting kids. No kids playing hockey loudly. No kids begging for food, or iPads, or anything else. In short, no kids. It was quiet and so relaxing, and seeing I was in town already, I got to go do some errands that I have been wanting to do for a long time, with no kids in tow. The weather was beautiful and I felt completely refreshed and relaxed.

That was Friday night and Saturday morning. Now, it is Sunday evening, and things have gone downhill. I don't know how much I have mentioned in here, but we are still in a predicament here with flooding issues, and it is heaping quite a bit of unwanted stress onto our heads. We have been seriously considering and looking into the possibility of moving our whole house. The idea is both inviting, and extremely stressful. Not only would that be a huge (and potentially impossible) endeavour, but the financial strain would be oppressive to say the least. We are running three pumps right now to keep the water out of our basement, even though by all appearances we are practically in a drought this year. What is not visible on the surface is the water table under the ground, which is currently higher than the bottom of our basement. So we have been dealing with that, plus a week or two back our septic pump broke, which caused several late nights of stress and stink. Why do I mention that? Because now, just as Mike is working on the bunk beds he is making for Cody and Jamie, something has gone wrong with our septic again. This time, he doesn't know what the problem is. I can tell you that it stinks in our house, and I am more than a little upset about this. Will we have to call a plumber and pay thousands of dollars to remedy whatever the issue is? Will we have to leave the premises? Will I be able to flush toilets, wash dishes or do laundry tomorrow? I just don't know. And I have to say, enough is enough. We already have enough to deal with. We don't need this right now.

Of course I know that nobody ever needs or wants this to happen, but it makes me mad. It makes me feel like our house is betraying us. I know that's completely irrational. But our basement was rendered unusable last year by the horrible flood. We now officially have only half the square footage in this house that we planned for when we built. And that's with a fourth baby on the way. So now three boys will have to share a bedroom, and one baby will have his or her own room, at least for a time. It is doable, yes. But it's like we are trapped here, in this place that is not on our side. We don't know what to do. Is it possible to move the house to the hill where we want it? Maybe. Maybe not. It's looking very much like "not" right now, but that has yet to be confirmed. And if we can't move it, will we have to live like this every year? These are some of the questions on my mind these days. And it's hard not to think about all that when all I can smell is sewage.

So forgive me for that little rant. All in all, I did have a nice weekend. It's unfortunate that it is ending this way. I do hope and pray that Mike will be able to fix whatever the issue is with the plumbing. If he can't, I don't even know what we will do. Hopefully I will have a positive update on this later in the week. I'm off for now.

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