Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye May.

It's the end of May and not a moment too soon. Not that May has been a bad month. It's just that these days, I'm in a hurry for time to pass. Not all time...just the next several weeks. I have only seven weeks and one day until my due date, and I must say, I am feeling very impatient this time around.

So what's on the agenda for today? Lots. Cody had insomnia last night, but still got up at 6:30 a.m., so we had a difficult morning together. This is a pattern, and the last few weeks have been rough, thanks to the new bedroom arrangements for the boys. But Cody has swimming this afternoon. So at noon, I loaded up all the boys and we drove Cody to school. He will be back in about an hour and a half, but for now, I am here with the Dynamic Duo. At the moment, they are playing very nicely together in their room, hence the reason I can even think about writing this post.

After Cody gets home, I will be feeding the boys an early supper. Well, maybe around 4:30 or so. When Mike gets home, we are all heading to town to do a little shopping. Mike has a special tool he wants to buy that is on sale starting today. He is really excited about it. Me? I want to go to Home Depot. I have some things to pick up there in order to work on getting the nursery ready. I'm excited to get started. The boys' room has remained so nice and clean this whole time, which is nothing short of miraculous. Right now, the baby's room is full of stuff, so I really want to get it all organized and ready. Imagine having two rooms in the house that are clean and nice! It's hard for me to fathom at the moment, but I believe in miracles, and I believe it will happen. I started a little bit today by washing some of the diapers I will be using. They had some stains on them, and I wanted to try sunning them. I was a bit skeptical that it would work, but oh my! It worked! So I'm going to do them one small load at a time, otherwise I won't have room to lay them out properly in the sun. My laundry rack is not that big, unfortunately. I have baby clothes that also have some stains on them and I will be doing the same thing with those.

Other than all of that, my goal today was to get the house a little cleaner than I have all week. So far, so good. I have made significant progress on the kitchen, and seeing we won't be having a big family meal at home tonight, it will stay clean. I am thinking Mike should be impressed.

And speaking of Mike, and impressive, Mike is graduating this weekend with his Masters in Education. We have a lot going on as a result. He has been in school almost the whole time we have been married, which is coming up twelve years. Not that whole time, but a lot of it! Now he is relieved to finally be done. My guess is, he will stay done. As in, he is not planning on getting a doctorate any time soon! I'm quite relieved about this too, as the homework was disruptive for all of us. But I'm proud of him for his accomplishment and we will be celebrating this weekend.

Now I'm almost falling asleep, so I must decide whether to succumb or whether to force myself to do some kind of chore to stay awake. Hmm...this is a tough call for sure. If only I could trust the Dynamic Duo to stay calm and quiet for an hour. Those kinds of miracles don't seem to happen in real life. Oh well. I'm off for now.

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