Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How hard can it be?

It turns out painting a room is much harder than I expected. Before I get to that, let me backtrack for a moment.

We had a busy day. Cody was home, so it was much more intense than it is when he is at school. That's okay. The weather turned very nice, so outdoor play is very much encouraged around here. However, today we had an appointment. I hate appointments. Today's appointment was at Cody's school, and it was an evaluation of sorts, to see how far he has come since last year...etc. No problem. Except that I had to take the whole crew with me. That is not really encouraged, but I had little choice, seeing there was simply nobody to take them. In the end, it went fairly smoothly, though it made for a long and very busy morning of running around.

The afternoon was not awesome, though it was not terrible either. Around 3 p.m. things started getting bad. For instance, I caught Micah playing with a rubber ducky. In the toilet. Oh my. It went straight into the garbage can...the one under the sink, with the "childproof" latch on it. Fortunately, Micah still can't open it without help. I was very disturbed by the toilet play, and it caused me to mentally backtrack and contemplate all the times he has touched my face...etc. What if he has played in the toilet before?? None of my other kids have ever participated in that delightful activity, though I was always surprised at that. Nobody has ever flushed a toy or other inappropriate object down the toilet. No, wait, I think Cody flushed an empty toilet paper roll when he was really little, though the memory is a bit hazy now. I probably blocked it out.

Anyway, the point was, I had a busy and tiring day. Normally I'd be relieved when Mike got home, but tonight he had to leave again after supper for a meeting at his school, so I was on my own for all the bedtime craziness. But before he left, we managed to tape the boys' bedroom for one of the stripes we will be painting as a border. (It will have three different coloured stripes.) The painting was going to be my job tonight. No problem. I figured I was up to the task. The stripe I was painting was only four inches wide. How hard could it be? Right??

I started by opening my new small paint tray with my brand new small roller. It was cute. There was no getting around it. I opened up this can of paint. Blue. Too dark. Hm. Well, I supposed that was okay. It will probably look good with the final product...I hope. I stirred it, and poured some of the smooth, thick paint into my cute little tray. I must admit, I was quite excited to start this little project. I dipped my cute roller into the tray and rolled it around in the smurf-coloured paint. (In reality, the colour was called Artesian Water. Doesn't that sound beautiful?) With anticipation, I moved over to the first corner and rolled my brush across. OOPS!!!! Oh no! A huge glob of deep blue paint splashed down our fresh, pure white wall! I grabbed the nearest paper towel, but it was dry. I guess you have to use wet paper towel to get the paint off. Dang! I ran to the kitchen for more and wet some and ran back. I was too late. I got most of it off, but there is a large streak I could not get and now we will probably have to touch it up with white paint.

Okay, so I had a rough start. I discovered if I held the roller the other way (flipped it upside down) the paint didn't drip out the same. I continued rolling. Hm. It didn't look very nice. In fact, it was really not rolling on smoothly at all. I wondered if my roller was defective. Cute, but defective. So I grabbed the shorter, but fatter small roller that Mike bought the other day and decided to give it a whirl. Back to my little tray, I rolled the other roller until it was coated in blue and went back to my tiny, disastrous section of the wall. I did one roll, and blue water dripped all down the white walls! Oh no!!! Mike must have washed the brush and it had not dried properly. Fortunately, this time I had wet paper towel handy. Almost not enough, because the amount of blue running down the wall was far worse than my first disaster. But I got this one cleaned up.

By now I was getting a little mad. This was stupid. I put down Mike's roller and picked up my own. Clearly the problem was not just the paint supplies. I tried again. I painted the stripe on that first wall, and wow...it just wasn't looking very nice. Why in the world is it so hard to paint? I kept going, and by the fourth and final wall, I think I was getting the hang of it. I went over the rest once again just to be sure, but I have to say, I don't know how this is going to turn out. I thought it would be a fun little relaxing project for me while I was home alone, but I really could have done without the stress. Here are a few pictures.

These photos make the stripe look much bigger than it is because of the green frog tape on either side. In truth, it is a little bigger than I wanted it, but the next two stripes will be progressively smaller, so hopefully it will look okay in the end. Eek. I sure hope it will look good when it's done. 

And Mike just got home, so it's time to sign off. Tomorrow I have another appointment, so another busy day. Hopefully I will have a better report of the second coat!

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