Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's Finally Happening!

I know I have mentioned several times over the last couple of months how anxious I have been to redo our boys' bedroom. There have been many factors causing us to delay this process, but I am happy to report that we are finally getting started. Mike has been busy building bunk beds over the last couple of weeks, and though they are not finished yet, they are close enough that this morning was deemed the day we would evict the boys out of their bedroom. I can't even tell you how much I have anticipated the moment we would be able to start fixing all the damage they have done in what used to be my gorgeous baby room for Cody. Here is a photo to show you an idea of what it originally looked like. In this picture, the baseboards were not on yet, and it does not show the wispy white clouds that were scattered over the blue part of the walls, but it does show you an idea of our theme and how cute it was.

I have much better pictures, but they are on a different computer and I cannot access them at the moment, so this will have to do for a glimpse. 

I have posted pictures on this blog before of the boys' room, and how awful it got. Today, we emptied it. First, we had to remove the change table and a lot of baby stuff from Micah's room. We also removed his dresser, which is now standing at the end of our hall where it is accessible but also out of the way. Here are some pictures of the boys room now, empty. I decided that it would be appropriate to employ some child labour, seeing they are the ones who wrote all over the wall in crayon, pencil, ballpoint pen, and whiteboard marker. The novelty wore off quickly on Cody, but the other two stayed and helped for a while. It took a long time to wash the walls, and in the end, they were only sufficient because we will be painting over them. Here are a few shots.

Here, Cody has begun the process of trying to wash away the larger-than-life pencil/etching of a big-headed creature of some sort. 

Micah joined in, shirtless. He was like a true construction worker in there. He put a lot more effort in than his oldest brother did. I don't know whether the extent of the "art" and other damage will show up in these, but if not, you'll have to take my word on it.

Ah. The sweet sight of my boys actually cleaning. And not just toys, but cleaning up a horrific mess that they have spent the last few years making. Not for lack of me scrubbing in between, but it did hit a point where I gave up and just left it alone. Only because I knew this day was coming and we would one day redeem these walls once again. And the carpet too. And of course, Jamie had to be shirtless as well.

I got all three in this picture. Cody, looking like a very tormented slave; Micah, working diligently to wipe chocolate smudges off the closet wall; and Jamie, walking like an Egyptian. He always has marched to the beat of his own drum.

Jamie stepped in front of this part of the wall just as I took the pictures. This is where we have recorded their heights over the years. We transferred it all to some boards that we will have to use somehow. That has yet to be determined, but I was not about to lose this priceless information!

The next picture shows their temporary room. We moved both twin beds into Micah's room and left his crib set up in there. The boys' dresser is now in the kitchen. Good thing this is temporary!

Jamie's bed is the blue one, Cody's is by the door and Micah's crib had to move from the wall it was on to the one opposite. What's in the picture is how they will be sleeping for the next week, or even two. I wonder how long they will party tonight when they go to bed.

And here is the boys' room, once my beautiful nursery. The baseboards and window frames have been removed. You can kind of see the clouds in this picture. You can also see what look like clouds on the green parts. Every one of those white smudges is drywall mud, used to cover holes and dings in the walls. Needless to say, there are a lot of white smudges. A lot.

The junk on the floor is just painting and cleaning stuff. 

The closet door has also been removed for now.

So, this is phase one. Apparently the drywall mud has to dry for 24 hours, so we will not be painting our first coat of white paint until tomorrow afternoon some time. Dang. I'd love to start tonight, but I guess that's okay. I'd post pictures of the bunk beds, but I haven't taken any yet because they are in a yucky room in the basement. I will probably wait until we move them into the room officially. Then they will look nice. 

That's the official update for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures of the same room only all white. I know that sounds boring, but bear with me. We do have a plan! I'm off for now.

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Jamie said...

It looks like your boys are having a fun time working on the room. I hope it turns out how you like it!