Sunday, May 13, 2012

The third and final stripe!

Last night marked the painting of the third and final stripe in our border around the boys room. Let me tell you, it was a very involved process. Our third stripe was to be silver, and somewhat sparkly, to go with the bedding we bought for the boys. As such, the painting experts at the store couldn't find anything to match so they sent us home with a can of spray paint. Hm. Somehow that made me nervous, and even more so after all the disasters I had when I was painting the other stripes. The final verdict was that Mike would do the painting of the silver stripe because I was reasonably sure spray paint would not be safe for a pregnant woman. Boy was I right! That stuff was incredibly strong. Horrible stuff. Fortunately, we kept it out of our bedroom and we left a window open in that room all night with a fan blowing the air out. We also turned off our air circulation from the furnace so it wouldn't spread all over the house.

Here are a few things you should know if you are ever going to spray paint in a house. First, basically, don't. It's a bad idea. I'm not exaggerating about the intensity of the fumes. I was worried for my baby and my kids, though I needn't have been, as we did contain it very well. Second, as I did mention to Mike before he started, if you are painting a precise area such as we were, you can't just use painting tape. I guess you could, but you'd have to use mass amounts of it. As it happened, we ran out of Frog Tape before we taped the first wall. Mike found some blue painters tape, so he used that to tape around where the silver stripe was going to go. My plan was to then tape paper all around the perimeter above and below the painters tape, so if the spray was hard to contain in such a small area we would be okay. (The stripe was only an inch thick.) Mike did a test swatch on a piece of paper to see how the spray paint was going to come out and how wide it would spray. He determined that all the extra paper on the walls would not be necessary, so he got to work. He did one coat, then we watched a show, and then he returned to do the second coat.

A short while later, he emerged in our room, where I was hiding from the fumes. His facial expression was grim. Uh-oh. I asked him how it went. He said, "You were right." I wasn't sure what he meant, but he explained that he should have indeed used all the extra paper, as there were now visible lines around the walls where the spray paint went beyond the painters tape. Well, you can't earn your stripes without at least one disaster each time, right? We touched it up today, though we will probably need to do a little work on the bottom stripe again before we are completely satisfied with everything. Either way, here are some pictures. And yes, we ARE doing a Winnipeg Jets theme, seeing they are our only Manitoba team! The boys love them.

Above is the Jets' away jersey. Our wall stripes are supposed to replicate the three stripes around the bottom of this shirt. Technically, we don't have anything else in the lighter blue in our whole room decor, but we liked this look for a border anyway, so we decided to use it.

Hopefully these show up all right on here. I did not put any pictures of before the touchups. 

And now we just got back from a lengthy afternoon in town, where we bought all our mattresses and mattress covers. We are so close to being done this crazy process. We still need to touch up the lighter blue a bit. The white paint is not perfect and could use another coat in some places, but for now it's not worth the money. Odds are, the boys are going to damage the walls almost immediately anyway, so we can wait until we really need to paint again and then we can redo the white if necessary. Most of it looks really good though. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have all the accents on, and the floor cleaned up so we can shampoo it before they move in. I'm off, hopefully to survive the rest of Mother's Day. Mike is still in town picking things up, so I'm alone with this crew and they are not behaving their best. Sigh. 

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I love the inspiration! It looks great!