Friday, June 22, 2012

Date night...or not.

Date night. The elusive, almost mythical event that only rarely touches the lives of many married couples with young kids. Mike and I have been married almost twelve years. Date nights for us are extremely rare, and I'm talking once, maybe twice a year. Yes, I know, I'm told that's not very healthy. Let me assure you, it is not for lack of desire. The fact is, Mike gets out frequently. I get out occasionally. But together? Never. Not without the kids. The last time we had a true date was...March. Ah, yes, a rare occurrence indeed, we actually got to stay at a hotel for a night and leave the kids with my parents. That was a first since Micah was one. It only happened because Mike has a work-related trip and had a hotel paid for. My parents were nice enough to take our boys and we got to go out for supper together in the big city. Prior to March, we had an anniversary planned in September, but it got cancelled.

That's why tonight was going to be a special night. We had baby sitting all arranged. We were going out for supper in the city. I have to confess, I am so much in "nesting" mode right now that I would have been happy to just run baby-related errands all evening, but Mike said, no, we should go on a real date. Okay, I can do that. After all, when do those ever happen? So it was all planned. We would be leaving here between 5:30-6:00 p.m., and even skipping the boys' bedtime routine.

But then something happened last night. Jamie started complaining of a sore throat, and a tummy ache. Warning bells went off immediately for me. At first, I figured he was getting a cold, seeing he seemed to be struggling with phlegm in his throat. But a tummy ache too? It sounded suspiciously like strep throat to me. This morning, he was still complaining of both symptoms and he went back to bed around 8 a.m. I checked on him and took his temperature sometime before 8:30 a.m. His fever was 102.2 F. Fabulous. Now I had to fit a trip to the doctor in today some time. Truthfully, I had been considering taking Cody anyway, as he has some kind of horrible infection on one of his fingers. So, I made an appointment for just before lunch and we went.

Once we got onto the highway, the van started rattling horribly from what seemed like the front passenger side wheel. I had to pull over on the shoulder and check it out. Well, as it happens, the wheel was about to fall off. Wonderful. I called Mike and he told me how to check the nuts, which were so loose they were barely hanging on. I found the socket wrench (I think?) and had to tighten each nut. So there I was, eight months pregnant, bent over and straining with this wrench on the side of the highway. I was stressed and I was late for my appointment, but thankfully, we were safe. Had I ignored the sound, our wheel would have come off for sure and we would have had a bad accident.

The appointment went fairly smoothly, seeing we arrived late and we were taking right in. Well, except that Jamie had a panic attack and it took us about ten minutes to get a throat swab. The swab was positive for strep. Of course. And Cody's finger is indeed infected.

So date night is now officially off. Instead, we are home with the boys, and I must say, my oldest is in a horrible mood yet again today, so I am struggling here. Micah poured chocolate milk on the kitchen floor and tried to steal Jamie's antibiotics while I was folding laundry. He also drank out of Jamie's cup as soon as we got home, which just about guarantees him to get strep throat too. We are invited to a pool party on Sunday, but if someone else gets sick between now and then, we will be staying home that day too. Sometimes it feels like I can't win. It's hard to adequately describe in words how badly I needed a break tonight. But I did. I do. And now I can't have it. I am hoping we can at least work on the baby stuff, seeing we can't go out. The good news is, now I don't have to break my back trying to clean the house in preparation for someone being over here tonight. But that's the only good news.

Now I'm off to try to do at least a little bit of cleaning. Maybe some other day we will get a date. But I am due in four weeks and once the baby is here, dates will be even more rare. I guess that's just how it is going to be for now.

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