Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer and graduation.

Summer is here and the weather is turning hot and humid. For most people around here, this is a good thing. For me...well, let's just say I have never been a fan of the heat. Summer is great and all, but since we moved to this house six years ago, our air conditioning has never worked. Not properly, anyway. Yesterday I broke down and turned it on for the first time this year. It froze up within the first hour and did nothing at all to cool or dehumidify this house. I find this incredibly discouraging. Sure, the weather is not that hot yet, but it doesn't matter. Six years, and still no proper air conditioning. Well, at only seven weeks from my due date, I can tell you this disturbs me more than a little. This will be the second time I have a July baby with no proper air conditioning. Last time, the summer was fairly moderate with temperatures, so I survived all right. There were certainly hot times, but not constant. This time, who knows what the weather will bring? This is Manitoba, after all. We could still get a freak snow storm. I can tell you this much. When this mommy gets hot, this mommy gets very grouchy.

Today we have a party. Mike graduated yesterday with his Masters, and his brother graduated this weekend too as a dentist. So there is a big party, the majority of which will be outdoors at the farm. Mike has been working on schooling while working full time for years now. It is finally over and he will have no more homework. It does feel good to finally be able to celebrate the completion of all his hard work. The party should be fun, but secretly, I'm more excited to clean my house today. Is that warped? Yes. I think so. But I have a really strong urge to get the baby room organized and get everything else in order. So, I'm off to get started on that!

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