Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Week on the Run

This is a week of appointments. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate appointments. The good news is, one is already over. Today I had to take all three boys to the public health nurse and two of the three of them had to get needles. It was not overly fun, though they did fairly well. I was a bit sneaky and did not tell them they were getting needles. I felt a little bad about that, but at the same time I wondered how it would benefit them to know in advance. Cody was one of them, and I knew if I told him he would stress all day at school about it. I figured he had to get the needles either way, so why stress him out all day? Instead, we went to the appointment and had them all measured for height, and answered a few questions about the youngest, and then I told them about the needles. Hm. They were not excited for some reason. But we made it through, and Mike even met us there after work so he could hold each boy while he received the shots. Thank goodness for that. I really don't have much of a lap left right now, plus it was boiling hot in there. Their air conditioning is not on right now due to some construction, so it was quite horrible in there.

Tomorrow Jamie has an appointment at Cody's school for what they call preschool screening. It will take an hour or so, but unfortunately, I have to take all the boys with me. I hope they will behave. It was only a few weeks ago that we did the same thing with Cody, and all of them came then too. They did quite well, so here's hoping tomorrow will be similar.

Thursday will be my worst, seeing I have a prenatal appointment that day and I will have to take Jamie and Micah with me. Ick. I just don't like medical appointments at all. I guess I have to learn to make these things work, and I will. We will get through it, whether the attitudes are rotten or wonderful. But I can't help hoping for wonderful.

And now Mike is crashing around in the basement trying to finish up his repair job on our air conditioning. Yep, it's not working. I mean, whatever he did on the weekend to fix it definitely helped, but it is still not fixed. I am praying this will work. We are in our hottest days so far this summer and I am not very tolerant of the heat. I'm so tempted to buy a pool! I heard you can buy these above ground pools at Walmart for only about $600. Not that I have $600 to burn, but wow, to be able to swim this summer would be so amazing. I am going to have to look that up online right now.

Well, that was useless. Haha. Walmart has a terrible website and has no pools listed at all. (That's on the Canadian site.) I checked Canadian Tire and didn't find anything that tempted me too greatly. Sigh. I guess my pool dreams will have to wait. It's late and time to sign off.

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