Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On holidays!

All right, my title might be slightly misleading. We are not on a vacation, but we are on holidays in the sense that Mike is off work for the summer, so he is now home with us. We spent the weekend at a hotel, which really was kind of a mini-vacation. The boys had a blast in the pool and on the giant play structure there. We also enjoyed a family party in celebration of my grandma's 98th birthday. All in all, it was a tiring, but enjoyable weekend.

This week has proven to be quite busy. My weekend away seemed to produce some severe swelling in my feet, legs and hands, and I was worried. I was supposed to see my doctor tomorrow, but instead I went yesterday, just to make sure all was well. Everything is fine, thank goodness. So I got an outing to town by myself, not that it was a fun one, but it's always nice to take a vehicle alone somewhere. Silence like that cannot be found in this house as long as the boys are awake.

Yesterday was my grandma's actual birthday, and in a fit of naiveté, I had it in my head that I should have my baby that day. Silly. I did the same thing when I was due in July with Micah. Instead of the 3rd, he was born on the 27th, so I missed that mark by a mile. This baby is due almost a full week later than he was, so I knew my chances of having it that early (or early at all, given my track record) were slim, but you can't blame a girl for hoping. There was even a full moon, which I'm told always triggers more labours than average. (That's not just some wives' tale either. It is apparently a known fact on labour and delivery wards.) The full moon failed me. Sigh. Oh well. I'm not quite ready yet anyway, but I really thought it would be special to have this baby on my grandma's birthday, to honour her.

At my appointment, I also made the mistake of asking my doctor if my baby is big. Guess what? Yep. Another big one. As with every single one, that made me want to have this one early even more than I already did. I felt a bit sad and discouraged, knowing I will likely make it to August before I see any action from this baby. So today I am trying to simply focus on enjoying the remainder of my pregnancy and being at peace with just having a healthy baby, which is all I want anyway.

And so today, I got another trip to town all by myself. This time, it was a dental appointment. Don't gasp in horror. Those are generally not bad for me. I have never had a cavity, and thankfully, today did not break that trend. I enjoyed my time reclined in the leather chair, despite being beaten up from the inside out, and I chatted with the hygienist, who is also pregnant. Then, instead of the dentist I saw last time, I got to see my very own brother-in-law, who just graduated from dental school this spring. It was really fun.

Since I got home, I have spent approximately four hours on a sewing project and I am not nearly done yet. I'm making basket liners for five baskets I have for the baby's change table. I want to use them to organize my cloth diapers and accessories, so the table doesn't look messy all the time. I'm also making two covers for my change pad, to match the basket liners. I'm excited about it, but wow, I'm super slow when it comes to sewing. I don't have a pattern, so I have to make one based on internet instructions. That should occupy me for another couple of days, I'm guessing.

That's the update on me. Oh, and I almost forgot. Our basement flooded again overnight. We had a wicked thunderstorm last night complete with hail, torrential downpours, and strobe-light style lightning. We must have gotten a ton of rain. It was not a good night. Mike has cleaned up the water and is now running a third pump. We hope that will be all we need to keep the house dry now. Sigh. More confirmation that we should move the house? Perhaps.

Now it's time to sign off to put my older two boys to bed. Micah is already sleeping. Happy fourth of July, to my American readers.

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