Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The insanity rages on...

My last post may have shocked a few people. That's okay. I suppose it is kind of disturbing, or just plain weird. I am only two days from my due date now. In light of that, I thought perhaps my craving would diminish. It has not. I have since purchased eleven sponges. Yes, that's right. Eleven. No, wait. Maybe it's more than that. Well, it's no more than thirteen. That's not too bad, right? And technically I gave three away this morning, one to each of my boys to play with. They were thrilled. I seem to be passing my love for sponges on to them, particularly Cody. But for him it's just a novelty thing. Mom loves sponges, so I should too. And he probably will, maybe for the rest of his life, because of this warped time in my life. Good thing I'm not craving alcohol, or something else less harmless than sponges.

Other than my bizarre craving (which has intensified to the point where sponges are almost all I think about), my day yesterday was overwhelming and definitely crazy. We suspected the night before last that Jamie might be sick again. He was napping daily in the afternoons and not wanting to wake up. He was extremely moody, and then he complained of tummy pain. The clincher was when he told me he needed another throat swab. He hates throat swabs. They make him panic. So the plan was to check him yesterday morning to see whether he had a fever. If he did, we would take him in, and if not, we'd wait and see how he was. Well, he did have a fever, but it was so minuscule that I was not even convinced it was above normal. He said he felt better. But after lunch he said his "mouth hurt" again. I decided to call the doctor. I didn't want to wait, in case I went into labour and then we ended up having to get someone else to take him to the doctor while we were in the hospital. So we took him in. Guess what? He has strep throat again. He is now on five days of some kind of intense antibiotic.

This was discouraging news at best. This is Jamie's fourth round of strep since late January. That is not normal. He is doing very well, and he only has to take medicine once a day, which is not too horrible. But he hates the medicine, so hopefully it won't get too difficult.

Before we took him in, I decided around lunch time to step out onto the deck for a moment of fresh air. It was a cloudy day with a pleasant breeze and much cooler temperatures than we have had for a while. That's my kind of day, though the humidity was still very high. No problem. I stepped outside and stood there, unmoving on the deck. For one minute. And then, out of nowhere, something big started buzzing my head. It was a wasp, and it was angry. I had not even seen it, let alone threatened it in any way. It dove at me over and over again until I was screaming and thrashing my arms around. I ran into the house, but it stayed right with me. Then it stung my face and kept attacking. Then it stung my shoulder, which hurt so badly. I just can't even believe how much it hurt. I was a thrashing mess of tears, screaming "Something's attacking me!" while my poor little Micah stood there staring at me. The other boys were oblivious, seeing they were using the iPad. Thanks guys. I had to go call Mike in the house to help me because I was scared the stupid thing might be stuck in my hair. He came in and looked for it. We found it flying around by the bay window. Mike killed it for me. But after that I was a mess. It sounds dramatic, and maybe even a little pathetic, but I was traumatized. I've been stung by a bee before, and it hurt for sure. But this was a savage attack. I have never experienced anything like it. I am now officially scared to stand on my deck. (I guess I should mention that the day before, Micah was stung by a bee on the deck. It was a bee, not a wasp, in his case. I saw the stinger stuck in his finger still, and the bee was on his back, looking very unwell. We killed that too.)

So that set me off and I had a hard time pulling myself together. Then later, Micah got into my purse. He is very difficult to monitor these days, and is into everything. Honestly, it's completely exhausting. Well, he didn't just look through my purse. He removed my eye drops. (I am still on drops once a day, and have been for over a year now. I will be until at least November. These are prescription drops and cannot be skipped.) He then removed my Mary Kay lip gloss. It's a colour I never would have chosen for myself, but I love it. The only lipstick of any kind that I use these days, if I ever wear makeup. Micah then emptied my WHOLE bottle of eye drops. Not only did he empty every last drop, but he emptied them INTO my lip gloss. These are steroid drops. So now I can't use my lip gloss unless I want to grow a fantastic moustache. On top of that, I had no drops left for my eyes. So then I had to go into town, a 40 minute drive, just to get another prescription. Wow. It was a long day.

Today has been similar, though I suppose not as extreme. Four different muffin mixes have been opened and poured on the floor. Oops, no, three. Micah, again. He did not empty them, but he was disciplined each time and still continued to do it. He also poured water all over the floor. Twice. Or was it three times? I'm losing track. And he peed on the floor. What the heck??? And so I feel as though my sanity, which was tenuous at best, has slipped away and left me with nothing. (Did I mention Mike is not here right now? This is why I am losing it.)

At this point, if the baby would just come, we could have a getaway in the hospital. It would be like staying at a hotel, only much more painful. But that's okay. I would get a break from the insanity. But I'm nowhere near in labour, so I will continue to wait. And I will hope that the maternal instinct remains stronger than the homicidal urges.

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lindsayc said...

Hey Cheryl,

I hear your frustration! And the last line made me snort coffee through my nose. A few more days (not weeks!) and it will all be over. I can hardly wait to meet the new little person through your blog.

Hugs and misses,