Monday, July 9, 2012

What makes your mouth water?

In recent days, I don't have much of an appetite. Often, I only want one meal in a day, and even that one I have to force down. I have tried to think of things that appeal to me, but even the most delectable of foods don't seem to strike my fancy. But over the past two weeks, I have developed one very intense craving that I simply cannot satisfy. It made me think of what it must be like to be normal, compared to the state I am currently in. So tell me, what makes your mouth water?

Perhaps if you are in a snacking kind of mood, these might appeal to you.

Mmmm. Hot, buttery movie-style popcorn.

Or a plate of nachos at your favourite restaurant. 

Yep. Those both look pretty good. But maybe you don't want to snack. You want a meal. How about these?
Nothing like a juicy Big Mac. Yum.

And who could turn down piping hot pizza?

Okay, those are more fast food type meals. You want something really mouth-watering. A real meal. How about these?

Steak with a loaded baked potato. And broccoli. That part is just a bonus, not really meant to make your mouth water. But maybe it does. I don't know. That's the point, we're all different.

Maybe you'd prefer a glorious turkey dinner complete with all the fixings, and even some pumpkin pie.

If I haven't found anything that did the trick for you yet, how about a little dessert?

A sundae on top of a huge chunk of brownie? Hard to say no to that. Wow.

Or for a more sophisticated taste, cheesecake. This one happens to have strawberry topping, but you can imagine it with any topping you like. How about it?

Here's the problem. I like every single one of those foods. Yes. They are all good...delicious, even. But not a single one of those pictures really triggers me and makes me crave them. Do you want to see a picture of what currently makes my mouth water? You may alter your opinion of me after this, or maybe it will just confirm suspicions you already have. Either way, I will share. The following is the most mouth-watering picture I could find on the internet today. 

Yes. A sponge. Cruel, isn't it? It sits there taunting me. Look how delicious I am. Don't you want to sink your teeth into me? Only I can't. Because it's not food. It's a sponge, for crying out loud. But it looks SO good. So my craving rages on, often made worse by the smell of certain cleaners in the bathroom, but I have no way to satisfy it. Well, not safely, anyway. I mean, come on. I'm not really going to eat a sponge. But I did buy myself one. A sea sponge. It's for using in the shower, in place of a shower puff. It's not really the same, and it's not completely satisfying, but at least I get to be in close proximity to a real sponge, and one that is not contaminated with household cleaners. Here are a few more pictures, but none as tantalizing as this one.
These are pretty, but just too thin. 

These are more like it, though not quite porous enough.

Again, pretty, but just too thin.

Ah. This yellow one above is a really good one. Mmmm. Look at it. 

And these ones are like the old style my mom always used. Yes, very appealing, though not the best photograph. Still not as perfect as the first one.

And so you see, it is important that I have this baby soon so the insanity will stop. That is all I have to report for today.


Allison said...

Oh great - now you have me craving sponge toffee.... Is it normal for cravings during a Paper pregnancy???? :-) Allison

CAT said...

Well, I might not be the best person to comment on the definition of normal. Haha. Funny about the sponge toffee. I thought about that, trying to divert my craving. It just didn't appeal. Dang, I want a sponge right now!